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Entrepreneurs, Assemble!

Entrepreneurs, Assemble!

If you want to start up your own business or organisation, then we’re the right people for you. Here at Accommodation for Students we understand that uni life can be overwhelming at times and that a little bit of extra support can make all the difference. We’ve got the proof that students are more than capable of building their careers whilst juggling a hectic study schedule, so fear not—it IS possible! If you’ve got a pitch for a potential business, or even just a fresh idea that you want to get off the ground, give us a shout—we’d love to hear from you. 

Our Story
In 2000, Accommodation for Students was founded, after two students (Simon Thompson and William Berry) suffered first-hand the struggles of finding housing at uni.

The pair were determined to make the process smoother and more student-friendly, and so set about creating a website that facilitated the process of finding a perfect place to live. Going from strength to strength fourteen years after foundation, AFS is the top search engine for student accommodation, and it’s easy to see why. Our website is free for students, quick and easy to navigate, and has everything you could possibly want from your housing search. As well as accommodation listings, we also offer money and stress-saving student tips, city guides and blogs that cater to your every need. We’ve stuck to our core values whilst our business has simultaneously grown in size and success… now we want to help other student entrepreneurs do the same!
We’re here to support you as well as to provide some handy tips from our first-hand experience, and can’t wait to hear your ideas and pitches. In the mean-time, why not brush up on some Dragons Den binge-watching! We successfully pitched on the show back in 2005, and walked away from the pesky Dragons with viewers’ investment offers immediately flooding in. The show was watched by a whopping 2.5 million people, so we know all about the importance of branding and exposure. The experience also taught us a lot about the way in which we wanted our company to develop, and what we were (and weren’t!) willing to compromise on and prioritise. So whether you’re worried about gaining exposure, funding, or contacts, we’re here for you now because we’ve been there too.
Need help getting your bright idea off the ground? Come and pitch to us!
We’re always on the look-out for students who share our passion for great new ideas, and we take pride in being able to help others get on the road to success. Whether you’re looking for funding, a networking opportunity or just some friendly and expert advice, we’re here for you—so don’t be shy—let’s get started.
If you’ve not quite developed your pitch or business plan yet, don’t panic. First thing’s first: make sure you’re doing everything you can to turn your initial idea into a reality. Be patient, good concepts can’t be hurried, and you don’t want to get caught out with gaping loopholes in your business strategy. Always keep in mind what it is that you want to achieve and the values that you want to stand for as a company. You don’t want to lose sight of the reason that you started your investment in the first place! 
Meeting and connecting with likeminded people whilst at uni is one of the best ways to firmly ground your plans—you might even gain potential partners or contacts from your university experience. Many universities have societies specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, which can provide an excellent support system (as well as a bit of healthy competition!) and helps you find people who might compensate for areas that you’re not as confident or experienced in, and vice versa.
Once you’ve covered your bases, you should be ready to pitch. Investment is a serious business, so make sure you’re taken seriously too by coming prepared. We’re a friendly bunch so there’s no need to be intimidated, but bear in mind that we do need to be intrigued and impressed by what you’re pitching! Think of it as preparing your argument for a tutorial presentation or exam… Except that there’s a tad more passion required for your potential future business! With several other companies under our belt as well as AFS, we’re open to diverse ideas and sectors, and want to hear what you’ve got to say on your chosen field. As long as you’ve done your research, you work hard, and you’re passionate—we’re going to be keen to hear what you have to say.
Still unsure?
If all of this hasn’t been enough to persuade you about the perks of entrepreneurial life, keep reading for our interview with Jules Quinn, founder of The TeaShed. Jules shares her secrets on achieving so much so young, and gives us the inside scoop on why there’s no time like the present for students to grab that elusive dream job.
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