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Easy ways to make money over the summer

Easy ways to make money over the summer

We hate to break it to you, but all those exciting summer plans you have- camping at a festival, going on holiday- require one thing. Money. But never fear, here at Student Life Guide we’ve got the lowdown on some seriously easy ways to make money this summer.

Babysitting and petsitting

Ah, babysitting, the classic way to make money over summer- it might be old school, but don’t knock it. There’s always a demand for good babysitters and if you’ve had previous childcare experience, you’re sure to make some money. Try offering your services to family friends who have children, or put letters out advertising your services in your local neighbourhood.

While you’re at it, you could also offer your services for house sitting whilst neighbours are away on holiday


As a student, chances are you’ll not only be an expert in your degree subject, but also be pretty well versed in the subjects you took for A Level or equivalent. Tutoring is a great way to make some extra dollar that also looks good on your CV. The rise of tutoring websites such as Tutorhub and MyTutorWeb mean you don’t even need to leave your house, with tutoring taking place in a virtual classroom online.

If you’re a skilled musician, then you could try teaching music lessons too by placing adverts in your local paper or in a school newsletter.

Festival work

You might think that festivals only offer volunteering work- not true! Festivals are a huge operation, and every summer there’s paid work going at festivals across the country. Companies like HotBox Events offer paid work at festivals such as Leeds and Reading. Options are also available to work for a free ticket to the festival.


Sell unwanted clothes

Moving back home for the summer is the perfect time for a wardrobe clear out, and rather than chucking your unwanted clothes, you could pop them on Ebay or Depop and earn some easy money, whilst barely lifting a finger.

It’s also worth checking with your University bookshop whether they’re looking to buy used textbooks or key texts for your course that you’ve finished with.


So, with so many options available, these handy job ideas will make sure that you get the summer you deserve and the experiences that you have worked for.

Holly Smith Editor