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The Best Part Time Jobs for Students

The Best Part Time Jobs for Students

Juggling a job alongside your studies can be a tricky business, especially when more and more students are resorting to time consuming jobs in order to cover expenses, as student loans are now being revealed as insufficient in funds.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of part-time occupations out there which are perfectly suited to student life and which will hopefully not impact your studies that much, whilst also providing you with some much needed funds for the academic year.

Online Tutor

This one is great for students that prefer to be working from home, as all discussion, teaching and set up is done online via a Skype system with your pupil. The process usually starts with an application, followed by- when this is a approved, a Skye interview, which if successful, should set you up to working as a tutor from home. Your profile will go live and be available for parents and students to browse, your enquiries will pop up, you can then sort through the list and decide which ones to take on. You will usually have to do a quick introductory free lesson to get started with your new pupils, but after that, you will be earning about £10 every half an hour lesson. The amount will go up when you graduate. Don’t worry if university work gets too much, simply switch on your account to non available and turn it back on when you are ready to start teaching again. Online Tutoring is great for people who like to decide when they want to work and how much work they want to do, it really puts you in control of your hours, which can be perfect for when university work always takes the more important feature.

Child Minding

There are plenty of sites and apps based in your particular location that are great ways to advertise yourself as a child minder. All you will need is a CRB safety check, you can apply for these online, then all you have to do is simply get your name out there and wait for some very stressed parents to get in touch. Child minding is a great part time job to have because you are in charge of when you are available, and the rates are usually high. Child minding is usually done mainly through word of mouth, so expect a slow start, but when you get your name out there you can expect regular customers and bookings.

Bar work

This is the classic option for students looking for part time jobs, and is often a fail safe method to earning some extra cash whilst you are studying, this is great for people who need to be getting work done in the day, yet usually have free evenings. Bar work does involve late hours, but can have high rates depending on the establishment, with cocktail bars sometimes paying double the average bar work hourly rate, so have a good look around before applying. This may not be best suited for people to like to have their evenings free, so bear that in mind when considering. Cocktail courses can cost a fair deal, but when you have them, you can usually expect your salary to practicably double, which is brilliant of course.

Content Writing

I know, I’m biased, but content writing whilst you are a student is a great way to make money, to improve your writing skills and to experience life in the workplace before you end your studies. It’s also good if you are taking an arts and humanities course, as it can help you to work on the ability to meet deadlines and also to write at an efficient, quick pace. It also helps with editing and proof reading skills and helps you gain skills for when you graduate. There are plenty of companies looking for part time content writers, indeed are a great site to visit, or simply go through your university and see if they have any vacancies available for internships.

Work for your university

There are usually plenty of jobs on offer at your university, with good rates and nice hours, from campus tours through to library logging. You can find out about them by calling your facility office or even by asking at the career’s office, they are usually happy to help, remember that jobs around the summer and autumn periods are at their most frequent as people are coming to view the university and therefore need tour guides. There are also yearly jobs for students to work at universities simply being on site for a few hours a day answering any questions people may have. Universities usually pay at least over ten pounds an hour for every job they offer, so they can be quite lucrative if you ensure that you swipe them up when you can!

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Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.