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Durham Student Gets First Class Degree for Dissertation on Kardashians

Durham Student Gets First Class Degree for Dissertation on Kardashians

The Kardashians, a family we are all a little guilty of obsessing over. We can’t help but binge-watch their reality TV Show Keeping up with the Kardashians to find out what they’re doing, what they’re wearing and who they’re dating. The famous family have become household names and role-models to guys and girls across the globe. I mean, who doesn’t want to steal Kim’s style, be super fit like Khloe and live in a house like Kourtney’s classy pad?

However, one Durham student took her Kardashian obsession to the next level. Eliza Cummings-Cove decided to write her dissertation about none other than the Kardashian clan.

Yep, you read that right. Sociology student Eliza handed in an almost 10,000-word essay on one of America’s most famous families for her dissertation earlier this year.


It’s not the most traditional dissertation topic but Eliza told The Tab that her supervisor and parents thought it was a brilliant idea, however, her friends and fellow students thought it was a joke.

While her pals were hunched over textbooks in the library, Eliza spent her time keeping up with the famous family. She told the Mirror she watched over 80 hours of the reality TV show as research for her essay.

Those hours spent watching the Kardashian’s life unfold on her telly let her analyse whether or not the lives of the Kardashian sisters could be described as a post-feminist fairy-tale.

She told the Mirror she explored topics such as sexual liberation and consumerism in her essay. Eliza looked at the relationships the Kardashian girls have with their partners and analysed their weddings. She even touched on the hysteria surrounding Kim K’s bum.

Speaking to The Daily Mail Eliza said she was originally under the impression that the Kardashian girls represented liberation and empowerment. With their apps, clothing line, fragrances, books, magazine covers and TV show it’s not hard to see why Eliza thought these American girls were super inspiring.

But, as she further researched the family she found “the culture they exist in is still very much rooted in misogyny and inequality”.


Eliza told The Tab that after all the hours she spent watching Kourtney, Kim and Khloe she came to the conclusion, “there’s more than meets the eye” with the Kardashian girls.

She now believes they have a negative influence on women in terms of gender equality.

Eliza revealed to the Mirror that she is writing a book about the Kardashians, including all the topics discussed in her dissertation and further exploring the men in the Kardashian family. That is one book we will definitely be rushing out to buy when it hits the shops.

Despite her friends doubts, the 20-year old’s unusual topic choice paid off as she received a first class honours for her thoughts on Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. Eliza went on to graduate with a first class overall at Durham University earlier this summer.

Like many of her pals, Eliza was a little shocked when she found out that she got a first. She told the Mirror that a friend picked up her results, brought them to her work and “told me I got a first – I couldn’t believe it!”.

So, if you already spend too much time keeping up with the famous family and are stuck for a dissertation topic this year maybe you could write about Kylie’s best-selling lip kits? Kourtney’s decision to finally leave Scott? Or maybe even analyse Kim and Kanye’s on-going feud with Taylor Swift?

Holly Smith Editor