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The coolest student accommodation in the world

The coolest student accommodation in the world

If you’re currently living in a shoe box claiming to be spacious student accommodation halls, then check out these luxurious and very cool university halls from all over the world. 

Don’t get too jealous!

Cite A Docks, Le Havre, France

Since La Havre in France is pretty famous throughout history as being one of the main French shipping ports, it seems only sensible and rather fitting that this student accommodation is made entirely out of shipping containers. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Although the idea of shipping containers does sound a little drab and cold, these are rather fancy when it comes to trade containers. There is plenty of natural light and each container is the size of a large open plan studio. Nice.

SpaceBox, Utrecht, Netherlands

These are rather similar to cite a docks in Le Havre; however, these are separate pods that are usually situated all around the university campus.

They are the size of a studio flat and mean that you can live right in the heart of your university. They sort of remind me of Bag End, although they can hold people, not hobbits!

Paris Gardens, Waterloo, London

This student accommodation is the perfect example of London’s city centre living.

It boasts a rooftop terrace with a perfect view of the London eye, gym, pool, en suite bedrooms and bathrooms and an extensive bar, perfect. You also get all inclusive bills, unlimited sky TV and internet usage, free laundry (which is done for you!) and have I mentioned the roof terrace?

Glassworks, Leeds, UK

Bow down world, this place is incredible.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in your own personal hut, with a slide coming out of your door? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an open plan, huge kitchen, on call cleaners, double bed, en suite and a fully equipped pantry?! That’s right, this student accommodation evens stocks up your parlour for you, and it’s all included in the price, which is £149 per week. There is also a bar which can be used whenever you wish in this incredible 25 million pound build. (I honestly think the fact that this place offers unlimited food really is its main selling point).

Taliesin Shelters, Scottsdale, USA

This one is definitely very adventurous!

Students at Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture get to build their own student accommodation out in the dessert! It’s all part of the hands on approach taken by the university to encourage their students to use their raw skills even before they have experienced architectural education.

The university have stated that by allowing their student’s to build accommodation for themselves, mainly consisting of canopies and huts in the desert, they can experience what it is like to take into account environment and the problems and issues which can come with building and architecture.

Campagneplain Dormitory, Enschede, The Netherlands

It is a well-known fact that many students try desperately to keep fit in the first few months of first year university, at this student accommodation, that should not be a problem!

These halls boast a climbing wall on the side of the building for you to practice on, (there are of course a climbing team to help you and harnesses), so there you go, you can wake each morning and go for a morning climb! Just try not to give it a go when you get back from a night out…

Hub, Tuscan, Arizona

The Hub in Tuscan, Arizona, appears more as a swanky hotel than they do student accommodation. The bills are all inclusive, your laundry is done for you and the internet is pretty darn quick. The Hub offer a roof top terrace, pool, room service, en suite bedrooms, 42 inch flat screen televisions a gym and walk in wardrobes! Where do I sign up?

Casa dell’Academia, Mendrisio, Switzerland

Now this, this looks beautiful. Ever wanted your student accommodation situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps? Fancy drawing aside your curtain each morning to view the beauty of the mountains? Well, now you can with this accommodation in Mendrisio. This building has galleries which extend for you to enjoy the view and large banqueting halls for you to indulge in!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.