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Cheapest places in the world to buy a pint this summer

Cheapest places in the world to buy a pint this summer

It’s summer, wahey! That means one thing, and one thing only – PINTS PINTS PINTS. Whether it’s cracking a cold one in the back garden or heading to your local for a post-exams bevvy, beer is the word on everyone’s lips. But why limit yourself to the constraints of your domestic city? Why not venture wider, further, and discover what delicious frothiness awaits you elsewhere?  Luckily for you, we’ve found all the cheapest and best places to down a few across the globe!

It will come as no surprise that London and Paris scored lowly in terms of cheap-pint-availability. In fact, it was mainly countries outside of the EU who came out top.

  1. Barbados

A beloved beer is a mere £1.65 in Rihanna’s homeland! What could be better than lounging next to the crystal blue, lapping shores of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands? Sure, a return flight may cost the equivalent of 600 of those pints but that’s what an overdraft’s for!

  1. Jamaica

The Caribbean continues to dominate, as a sturdy pint in the heartland of jerk chicken and curried goat will set you back just £1.61. Whack on some Bob Marley and don’t worry about a ting.

  1. Poland

A feast for all you culture nerds, a pint in Poland can cost as little as £1.56! Plus, with cities like Warsaw and Krakow, you’re spoilt for choice as to where you can enjoy some yeasty bubbles against an Eastern skyline.

  1. South Africa

Got a spare £1.55 knocking about? Why not invest it in a delicious fizzy treat in the beautiful Johannesburg. Or perhaps stock up beforehand and bring some on a safari? Live. The. Dream.

  1. Thailand

If you like totally loved your gap yah so much that you can’t wait to return to Bangkok then here’s another reason – pints are just £1.45! That’s less than not one, but two Freddos. Wowza.

  1. Portugal

They might have bombed Eurovision this year but at least they provide good bubbly. A pint in Lisbon can cost you as little as £1.35 and you can enjoy it in the homeland of Nando’s. Does life get better than this?

  1. Mexico

Infamous for Spring Break shenanigans and tacos aplenty, you can add cheap pints to the endless list of reasons to go to Mexico. Pints are as little as £1.15 in this tropical paradise, just be sure to hop over before Trump gets his wicked way with all that wall nonsense.

  1. Hungary

Need a way to quench your thirst? Hungary to discover new beer sensations (get it get it)? Well, Budapest is the place for you, with a pint costing little more than a mere £1.09. Rejoice!

  1. Czech Republic

Be sure to Czech yourself before you wreck yourself, as pints don’t come much cheaper than this. A beer is just £1.07, making the Czech Republic a sore contender for the top spot of cheapest pint on the planet.

  1. Bulgaria

Sunny Beach? More like five pints each! A cold one in Bulgaria is just £0.97!! That’s less than it costs to piss in some of London’s train stations. Sofia, here I come.