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Celeb Interview: Charlotte Crosby Talks University, Travelling And Nights Out

Celeb Interview: Charlotte Crosby Talks University, Travelling And Nights Out

We teamed up with THE face of reality TV, Charlotte Crosby. After rocketing to stardom in MTV’s Geordie Shore, she’s gone from height to height and is now about to hit our screens again. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know her a little bit more and ask her for some top advice.

First of all, you look amazing! Can you let us in to some of your fitness tips?

My fitness tips would be to buy yourself a new gym set so you feel as good as possible, set an end goal and make sure it’s realistic.

Weigh yourself regularly, don’t allow monthly fluctuations to demotivate you as that’s normal. Personally I just like to weigh myself once a week or even fortnightly, everyone’s different so find out what works for you.

Finally remember food is just as important as exercise, eat less move more, it’s not rocket science.

That might be useful for after freshers’ when we all feel rotten from alcohol! Talking of which, tell us where your favourite places for a night out in the UK are? 

My top 3 places for a night out are Newcastle, Manchester and London.

Of course! Geordie Shore made Newcastle look so fun!

So before the show started, did you ever consider university at all?

Yes, I actually got accepted at Sunderland University to do Criminology but then I ended up going on the show.

No way! Did you always want to study Criminology?

No actually, when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist, I loved dinosaurs and thought it would be a really cool job.

Fantastic! You could have been the next Indiana Jones!

Now I know you’ve travelled a fair bit on your show The Charlotte Crosby Experience. But if could choose anywhere to go on a gap year, where would you go and what would you do?

If I had a gap year I would start in Cape Town and then do an African Safari.

In The Style-Charlotte Crosby

Good choice! Your travels on your show looked like great fun, I’m sure you came back with some strange stories though?

Yes! One time a boy asked me to write my name on his arm, and then the next day he turned up at my PA and he’d had it tattooed.

So much has happened for you since Geordie Shore! Do you still hang out with anyone from the house?

I hang out with all the girls from the show all the time.

With so much going on, it seems almost impossible that you get the chance to relax! But when you do, tell us your guilty secret, what’s your favourite TV show to binge watch?

It’s definitely Vampire diaries, American Horror story or Outkast.

So what’s next for you? Will we be seeing you on our TVs again soon?

Yes! I’m doing a dating show for E4 with Joey Essex and lots of other celebs as well as lots of other exciting things in the pipeline.

Great! It’s been delightful talking with you, but before you go, we need to know one final thing.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for us students?

My advice to students, enjoy every second at uni it will be such an amazing experience and not everyone gets the opportunity to do it.


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