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Career’s Service: why you should consider taking one

Career’s Service: why you should consider taking one

If you’re coming to the end of your time at university; then you’ll probably be wondering what you would like to do after your studies. Why not take a careers service appointment?

The majority of universities now offer career’s services which can be a really handy system to make the most out of.

Unfortunately, due to the daunting prospect of graduation, many students put off their career’s meetings, yet the services on offer can be a fantastic way to start planning whilst also feeling quite a lot calmer about the whole process!

So, what do career’s services offer?

Well, it depends on each university, but mainly career’s services offer a few different options, from career decision making, career exploration, resume and cover letter writing and even job interview practice!

Career Decision Making

If you are going into a career’s service meeting with absolutely no idea what you would like to do as an occupation after university then don’t worry, you can run through all of this with your adviser. They will use a variety of self assessment skills to examine your skill set, personal interests and your overall values; based on the results they will suggest some possible options. If you are heading into the meeting fully aware of what you would like to study, then the career’s adviser will usually just run through whether or not this is right career choice for you.


Job exploration tips from a career’s service can be really useful tool, they can point you in the direction of internships, graduate schemes, part time occupations and even smaller taster sessions lasting one to two weeks. They may point you in the direction of the career’s portal at your university, many colleges now have search engines through their own website for you to search for internships yourself.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

This is by far a key aspect of job or internship searching. Career’s services are usually very happy to look though your CV and give you some advice, which can be very welcome when you are going through the stresses of your third year at university. They are also there if you would like to run through how to make a cover letter, which is often a feature that many people struggle with when applying for jobs after university. Essentially, through getting all this planned in your third year, you can really work towards having a rather stress free graduation experience, as all your CV’s and cover letters will be up your sleeve, ready!

Job Interview Practice

At some universities your career’s service even sponsor workshops you can head along to in order to learn how best to present yourself during a job interview. Working through these situations can be really useful to take away the stresses and concerns which usually go along with interviews, as you can learn exactly what to expect and how to deal with it. If your university offers anything along these lines then they are definitely worth going to!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.