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Brilliant International Summer Volunteering Opportunities

Brilliant International Summer Volunteering Opportunities

If you’re wondering how to spend your summer- don’t worry!

There are plenty of volunteering projects abroad that allow you to spend a week or two travelling whilst also allowing you to help out and make a difference!

South Africa: Volunt eering with monkeys and baboons in South Africa

Running for a total of two weeks- although you can volunteer for up to twelve! – this volunteering project is based in South Africa and consists of hands-on experience in caring for and overseeing the rehabilitation of monkeys and baboons!

The whole project is run by an enthusiastic couple who will be more than happy to have you on board their tight knit community based in the African Bush.

Your days will consist of making and preparing food for the monkeys, cleaning out their enclosures and working hard to ensure that they will be released in the near future.

With the extensive deforestation happening in our world, the habitats of monkeys are being threatened more than ever before. This project ensures that they are cared for and that they do not edge closer to extinction.

This project has been recognised for extensive care that it supplies to the monkeys and stands as a good example of effective conservation work.

Expect to get mucky as the work can be tiring but will always be rewarding!

You will be looking after 400 monkeys on site, all accommodation and food will be supplied and is located a short walk away from the sanctuary.

If you would like to book, then the best advice is to act now, the courses run from June-September but late applications are always accepted!

The two week course costs £847, excluding flights, you can add on an additional week for £200.

To find out more click here.

Thailand: Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary

Volunteer in Thailand and join an extensive team dedicated to caring for and rehabilitating elephants!

Based in the rolling hills of Chiang Mai, this project will consist of you looking after a total of 21 elephants; you will be harvesting their food, washing them daily in mud and water baths and taking them to meet new people every day.

Elephants in Thailand have had a pretty tough time.

Many elephants are taken in Thailand from the wild and forced to work in the logging industry, some head into the circus whilst others have heavy saddles placed on them to carry tourists around. At the sanctuary, the elephants are expected to do nothing more other than to enjoy themselves, with the park being so large that the elephants do not even realise that they are enclosed.

You will be tasked with walking the elephants, which basically consists of you strolling along side to make sure that they do not wander too far, you’ll also be tasked with painting the enclosures, preparing food and performing any maintenance work on the pens.

All accommodation and food is provided and is situated a short walk from the camp!

One week costs around £799, with an additional week costing £195.

To find out more, visit the site here.

India: partake in street help programmes for children

Head over to Delhi, India this summer to help out with street programmes for impoverished children!

Thousands of children in Delhi live on very little in the depth of extreme poverty; countless numbers of children have to work long hour from a young age in manual jobs.

You will be working for a fantastic charity who is working to stop this. Each centre caters for 18 children with 8 centres being based across the whole of Delhi.

Your tasks will involve walking with the children, making them food, coming up with new and exciting games for them to play and teaching them English each day.

Your accommodation will be situated just a 30 minute walk from your allocated shelter and you’ll have your weekends completely free to explore and travel, the Taj Mahal is a three hour drive away and there are many buses each day that head to it!

This one is definitely the best value for money, three weeks costs £880, you also get your food and accommodation included!

Visit the sire here for more information.

Costa Rica: Save the Turtles

Located in a small rural village along the coast of Costa Rica, this project is dedicated to protecting the precious and vulnerable baby turtle community.

Despite Costa Rica being home to miles of unspoilt coastline, the sea turtle population is plummeting at an alarming rate. The impact of predators and human interference in the form of sea turtle egg poaching, many turtles struggle to be born, let alone make the perilous journey from land to sea.

Working alongside the local community and fellow volunteers, you will be ensuring that the baby turtles make it to the sea! You will patrol the beaches at night, making sure to spot any turtles emerging from their nests; any remaining eggs will be taken to a sanctuary to allow them to hatch in safety.

By day, you will monitor the hatching turtles and finally you will be able to deliver them safely to the sea.

It’s an incredibly rewarding process!

With the rich abundance of coastline, there’s plenty to do in your spare time.

All accommodation and food is located a short walk to the sanctuary and all located on the beach!

One week costs £899 and you can add on any additional weeks whenever you want!

Find out more here.

Tanzania: volunteer at a children’s village

Volunteer at a rural children’s village in Tanzania!

According to the site, this project is perfect for anyone who has a genuine passion for teaching and interacting with children.

Situated in a rural village, you will be in charge of 8-12 children and will be known as a Mama.

Your daily tasks will involve teaching the children English and maths, organising activities for them and coming up with new and exciting methods of teaching!

If you are a doctor, then there is a small medical clinic situated on site where you can work each day, carrying out general tasks such as cuts and bruises yet also delivering valuable advice such as sexual health information, general hygiene and nutrition!

The charity works to combat the main causes of poverty, delivering a good education to all the participants as well as a good level of medical care and support.

The charity also supports initiatives to get people into good, paid work.

In terms of accommodation, you will expect to share a double bunk room with someone of the same sex, food will be supplied daily.

Three weeks will cost you £1295, you can also pay for additional weeks whenever you like.

This project is the most expensive on the list but is definitely hugely rewarding!

You can find out more here.

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