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Things to do Sunday to lessen the pain of Monday

Things to do Sunday to lessen the pain of Monday

If you’re dreading the stress of Monday then have a look at these ideas for things to do on a Sunday, in order to make your week run smoothly.

1. Do some meal prepping

Even if it’s just preparing your breakfast or making a packed lunch for Monday, getting a little bit of meal prep done means that you will feel much more prepared for the week. Think about it, if your breakfast is all prepped and ready, then you can grab it and eat it in bed!

2. Sort out the fridge and maybe do a food shop

Have a look through the fridge and make sure you get rid of certain foods that are past their use by date and are smelling a little grim! If some foods are close to going off then maybe get them all out and try to make a meal out of them! For example, if you have loads of veg that’s about to go soft then throw it in the pan and cook up some soup for the week!

3. Do the washing

Get your washing done! Dirty clothes tend to pile up over the week and many people are simply far too busy to get it done! If you really do hate washing, then put on some good tunes whilst you sort it out- you don’t want to start the new week with no clean pants! Trust me, it’s not fun.

4. Plan your week

From a ‘to-do’ list through to a few dates wrote down In your diary, planning your week will work to make you feel much more grounded and in control. It’s easy to get sidetracked during the week but if everything has a time and a place, this will work to keep you on a steady track!

This may sound a little extra, but I really love to plan my outfits and lay them out the night before! If you are feeling super organised, then check out the weather and outfit plan with it in mind!

5. Head out for a walk

If you’ve been stuck inside all week working or haven’t really had time to appreciate the outdoors, then head out on a walk in order to get some exercise and some fresh air. You can even go on a day out with friends and family. Getting out the house can be a good way to get you ready for the week ahead.

6. Take some time for yourself

Sundays are rest days- right? Keep in mind that you will get everything done eventually! If you want a lie in- go for it! It may be the only time of the week that you really can do it, Sunday’s are the perfect day to replenish and revive yourself, if this means getting more sleep, THEN DO IT!

7. Clean out your bag/purse/backpack

The perfect way to prepare for the week ahead is to clean out your main bag, purse or back pack. As a student, I end up pushing lots of sheets in my bag throughout the week until they resemble a scrunched up mess, along with receipts, food packets and books. Sorting everything out from your bag can be brilliant, you certainly get a lot of closure binning all the mess!

8. Tidy your room

Whether you live in a room, flat or house, a great thing to do on a Sunday is to get it all clean and tidy! Nothing is worse than waking up on a Monday morning to messy, dirty surroundings. Whack on a playlist and blitz everything, you’ll thank yourself for it during the week when everything is spotless!

9. Wash your bed sheets

Come on, tell me, when was the last time you washed your bed sheets? I’ve known students go one whole year before bothering to wash theirs! Strip the bed and get it all changed so that you can climb into clean sheets for the start of the week. Having a clean environment to sleep in really aids sleep, is good for your skin and can help you to drop off quickly! If you really want to get a good, deep sleep ready for the week ahead, then products such as lavender pillow spray can a great way to help you to drift off to sleep quick!

10. Treat yourself

Remember to take for time for yourself- you’ve been working all week! Have a bath, put on a face mask, maybe have some friends around for drinks and just focus on refreshing and replenishing yourself for the new week ahead! You will wake up on Monday feeling so refreshed, fulfilled and ready!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.