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The Best Summer Jobs for Students 2018

The Best Summer Jobs for Students 2018

Wanting to make the most of your summer but lacking in the funds?

Don’t worry, these are the best summer student jobs ideas for you to try your hand at!


If you live in a densely populated neighbourhood then a great summer job can be babysitting. You can use apps such as Bubble App for this, just upload some info about yourself and some experience and get started! You will, of course, need a DBS safety check but other than that the app is pretty easy to navigate and only picks up on possible customers in the area meaning that you will not have far to travel, handy if you’re a student and lacking a car!

You could also do it by hand, just put up a few flyers around town and get the information out through word of mouth. Babysitting is great price wise because you are paid hourly, meaning that it’s the same sort of wage that a tutor gets.

Bar work

The original. Most students when returning from university during the summer tend to do bar work as it’s easy, accessible and has rather flexible hours. If you have any pubs, restaurants or bars near you then head over and see if they are hiring in order to get the money rolling in as soon as possible!


If you’re the student who loves a good clean and constantly tells your university flatmates to tidy up after themselves, then this might be the thing for you!

Housekeeping is quite an easy job to do in terms of skill set and it pays rather well. Make your own flyers or post up on Facebook that you are available. There are also sites that you can use like indeed or total jobs where you can upload your profile for customers.

After all those months cleaning up a student house you’ll probably be a dab hand at cleaning some pretty mucky places!

Working in retail

Working in retail can always be a great way to earn some money over summer.

It’s also quite flexible location wise too, for example, if you bag a job in TopShop then you can probably get a transfer to the TopShop in your university town when you head back there in the autumn. Also, I’m pretty sure that you get staff discount…

What’s not to love?


Internships are brilliant because you can earn some money and also gain some valuable experience towards your degree and your future career. Student Life Guide offers a brilliant guide to the all the best internships available this summer.

Likewise, you can head through your university careers’ portal to see if they have internships available this summer.

American Summer Camp

If you would love to earn some money and have a rather impressive adventure, then Camp America is the thing for you!

Jet off for three months to an American Summer Camp, where you will be looking after summer camp children and earning an allowance each week. You’ll also be provided with your food and accommodation for free! Visit these sites here for more information.




During summer, people tend to turn their sights towards their gardens and general upkeep.

Keep a lookout for any family members or friends who are looking to offer some paid garden work.

It might be messy, muddy work but it will get you outside and hopefully pay well! There is also the bonus of endless cups of tea and cake yet at the cost of endless neighbourly small talk- good luck with that!


If you are feeling rather educated after one whole year at university then tutoring can be just the thing for you! You can either go online to myTutor.com

Or you can do the usual and get your name out there through family, friends or over Facebook.

You will probably need a DBS safety check to do this, there are pretty easy to get and just consist of a background and criminal record check. You can request a simple DBS check here on Gov UK for around £60. It may seem like a lot but it will be handy to have for future employment.


If you really like writing then this is the one for you.

Head over to job sites such as indeed or jobsite where you can have a look for freelance writing jobs.

Many newspapers will be hiring interns this summer so keep your eyes peeled! You can always head over to twitter to have a look at any companies who need article ideas/submissions.

Likewise, if you would like to try and earn some money independently, a great idea is to start up a blog to get customers through commissions from companies and independent magazines.


If you are having no luck, or if summer jobs just aren’t really for you, a great idea is to sell any unwanted items on eBay or on any other buy and sell site.

You’ll be able to have a complete sort out, get rid of bits and bobs that you don’t really need and you’ll be able to make some money!

Some great sites are eBay, Facebook groups, poshmark or shpock!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.