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The Best Summer Internships: Working in Science and Research

The Best Summer Internships: Working in Science and Research

The Intern Group

When: whenever you decide

Where: Europe, Asia and America

Salary: N/A

This is an international student Science and research centre based in locations all around the world including Europe, Asia and the USA! Lasting from four weeks through to four months, this internship opportunity gives you the chance to learn from the world’s leading academics, researchers and engineers. You get the chance to pick when your internship starts and you can even decide when it ends, meaning that the whole structure of the internship is adaptable to meet your needs whilst studying at university, or working alongside your internship as you graduate. The internship does not pay a salary, yet expenses are covered in the form of full time accommodation whilst you complete the internship abroad (which is always a plus as accommodation can be rather expensive!); airport pick up and drop off services, a welcome package and introduction, visa assistance- which can be a lengthy process where help is always welcomed, full time support from the internship team and a calendar full of cultural experiences and trips.
Applications close on the 28th February, good luck!

Research and Development Summer Internship at Unilever

When: Summer internship of 1-4 months or one year internship starting in September

Where: Nationwide

Salary: Annual figure of £20,000

Unilever is one of the largest leading consumer goods companies in the world and working for them would be a great insight into the research which goes into perfecting and testing goods for the populace. According to Unilever, they are a hot bed of ideas and expertise meaning that they will expect you to be constantly on the ball with new concepts and exciting plans! The placement will involve you looking into what consumers want and really need; you will be able to help make brands healthier, more environmentally efficient and accessible. Unilever often champion their summer placements as the best opportunity for cementing your place within the research workplace, with many students who undertake the placement actually going on to work in the company full time. They offer either summer or yearly placements with good salaries to help you through the year. The placement is nationwide meaning that you will get the location which is closest to you. Applications are on-going and you need to be applying only during your final year at university, good luck!

Science and Research Industrial Placement at UTC Aerospace Systems

When: Placement year of 10+ months beginning this July

Where: West Midlands

Salary: £16,000-£17,000

This is a placement year based in the West Midlands in Birmingham working for UTC who are global leaders in aerospace and defence; yes you heard that right, rocket science! As part of your ten month internship you will be working for the Environmental Health and Safety Team. Job expectations include monitoring and overseeing environmental projects, tracking action plans, organising meetings and taking notes/minutes and managing key improvements to health and safety plans such as fire safety and exits. You will also be expected to represent UHC at a number of national meetings and events which will be a great character building process! Application deadline is the 20th March, so good luck!

GSK Science, Engineering and Research Day

When: Chosen date in summer

Where: Central London

Salary: N/A, open day

This is simply an open day which will give you the chance to experience what it is like to work in the head-quarters of Engineering, Science and Research Company, GSK. The day will involve numerous opportunities for you to network, as well as panel sessions, talks from current students on placements and even ‘bespoke’ application tips from the application processing team which can be extremely handy if you are looking to apply at the company full time, as you will know what they want! Open to only 1st and 2nd year students, this is a great opportunity to get started on your career in science and research; it’s also a perfect taster if you are interested in applying to GSK after you graduate. The application/registration process ends on 28th March. Considering this is just one day, it’s definitely worth your time! Good luck!

Finally, if you are still struggling to find a placement this summer, or a graduate scheme for when university is over, then a great site to use is Step.co.uk.

This site allows you to browse specific occupations, from full time placements to summer internships. They also provide information on small open days, taster sessions and even advice on applying for opportunities after you graduate or during the summer months.

In addition to all these placements and opportunities, there are also many research and volunteering opportunities you can go into. Cancer Research run a graduate scheme which is sadly closed now for applications yet is always one to keep in mind!


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