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The best part time jobs you can get as a student

The best part time jobs you can get as a student

Uni is a fun and amazing experience, but it comes at a price. If you are not amongst the fortunate bunch who can rely on the bank of mum and dad then your next best option is to look for a part time job. This doesn’t just have to come in the form of bar work, however, with university careers services often offering a wide range of opportunities for students looking to line their pockets with some extra cash.


Tutoring is a rewarding, and often well paid, way to earn money. With the average tutor earning anything between £10-20 per hour, this is a job that is both lucrative and time efficient. Websites such as Tutor Hunt and Tutor Doctor are good places to start as you can set up a profile and start looking for clients immediately. Also, if you’re looking to go into the education sector after you graduate then this is an excellent way to gain essential experience.

Debate Mate

Debate Mate is a relatively new organization that hires mentors to run weekly afterschool sessions teaching primary and secondary students debating skills. This is all in the lead up to national competitions that run throughout the country, climaxing in a grand finale at the Houses of Parliament. Debate Mate pays £20 per session plus up to £5 travel expenses per week. There are also additional opportunities to act as a judge at debating competitions- paying as much as £60 per day. This role does require quite a bit of planning ahead as engaging a group of twenty teenagers for an hour does have its challenges. However, this job is also hugely rewarding, allowing you to establish a great bond with your team.

SU bar work

This is probably the safest option when it comes to bartending or waitressing as, being a university affiliated organization, the SU are more flexible in allowing time off for studying than independent establishments. Most Students Unions will pay living wage (£7.85 outside of London, £9.15 in the capital), so you don’t have to rely on tips as a source of income.

Freelance writing

Lots of companies are often on the lookout for young and talented writers to contribute to their online content. Websites such as Upwork are a good place to start, although do some research into freelance rates to make sure you’re being paid fairly. Other opportunities on offer can also be found with the Foreign Commonwealth Office who hire campus promoters to write travel advice articles and organize events on a freelance basis.


If you have any experience working with children then babysitting is a very easy way to make good money. By signing up to websites such as sitters.co.uk you can upload a profile and look for available jobs in your area. Although, quite a few families look for babysitters with some form of childcare qualification, but there are times when you’ll strike lucky and be able to find work without these prerequisites.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Organizations such as Bumble, Innocent, and ASOS hire students every year to help promote their brand across campus. The benefit of a role like this is the flexibility- you have no set hours so can easily fit a role like this around your busy university schedule. Plus, ambassadors are often given special discounts and freebies as a thank you for their contributions to the company- a win-win really!

Research Assistant for your university

Universities are always on the lookout to recruit students to help with research. This will probably more related to student welfare and the student experience than academic research, but provides valuable experience nonetheless. With pay averaging at around £8.50/hour this is a great way to boost your CV and bank balance.