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Being a Student in the Winter

Being a Student in the Winter

Every student seems to have the same experience during winter, from being freezing 99% of the time, through to never having a good coat and constantly being ‘under the weather’. Oh dear.

Always being cold

There is never a moment when you actually think, ‘I’m actually really comfortable and cosy right now’.

Never owning a water proof

Although almost every morning you look out the window and realise that horrible winter rain is falling, commonly known as sleet, you still do not own a waterproof.

Having your family members remind you to get a ‘good coat’

Every time your parents visit they claim you need a good coat, yet never propose to help you buy one, do you know how much a duffel coat is?!

Constantly being told you look awful

No, I’m not ill, this is just how I look, cold weather can do that to you.

Winter flu + fresher’s flu = living hell

After only just recovering from fresher’s flu, the dreaded winter flu hits, and the two combined together make an ordeal not even worth talking about.

Cold showers in winter

As if getting up early in winter for lectures was not bad enough, now the boiler is breaking and the showers are cold!

Frost on window

A common occurrence? Should probably tell the landlord…

Stocking up on Primark layers

Primark jumpers are a gift from the gods! Layer ’em up.

Getting into arguments over the heating

You will almost definitely find yourself in a heated debate with a housemate about whether to switch on the heating. For heaven’s sake- there is frost on your window!


This is a state commonly referred to when discussing the approach students take after university is over and Christmas can begin.


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.