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Are you at one of the happiest unis in the UK?

Are you at one of the happiest unis in the UK?

A survey has found that if you want to find happiness as a student you’ll have to move to Northern Ireland.

Accommodation provider Sodexo carried out the survey and asked thousands of students nationally to rate how they felt about their university. Categories included standard of education, nightlife, stress levels and…. takeaway options.

Belfast were voted the top university for student happiness at an impressive 94%, however they also topped the table for the unhealthiest university with 22% of students ordering 3 or more takeaways a week.

Following close behind was Brighton with 93% of their students saying they were happy, which is no surprise with it being THE seaside town of the south. From the amusement arcade to one of the best gay scenes around, is there any reason not to be?

Third was Coventry at 92%, after already scoring 39th in the best cities to live in for students survey, it seems students are very happy here. Boasting a rich city life full of music, sport and art students have almost too much to do alongside their studies. They also won the title of healthiest university, with students ordering one or no takeaways at all per month!

Scotland won for the most punctual, with 41% of students stating that they turn up to every lecture and seminar compared to only 24% in Northern Ireland.

The most miserable university title was given to Oxford University, with 22% of students saying they were unhappy studying there. The other four unhappiest uni’s included York (12%), Cambridge (12%), Glasgow (11%) and Birmingham (10%).


Here’s the top 9 happiest uni’s, did yours make it?


  1. Belfast- 94%
  2. Brighton& Hove-93%
  3. Coventry-92%
  4. Wolverhampton-91%
  5. Swansea-90%
  6. Leeds-89%
  7. Aberystwyth-87%
  8. Birmingham-86%
  9. Bristol-85%


As one of the categories was takeaways, the unhealthiest universities were also revealed. Percentages show the portion of students who order more than three takeaways a week:

  1. Belfast (22%)
  2. Portsmouth (17%)
  3. Wolverhampton (17%)
  4. Edinburgh (15%)
  5. Liverpool (13%)


Holly Smith Editor