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Affordable All Inclusive Summer Holiday Getaways

Affordable All Inclusive Summer Holiday Getaways

Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece

Beach holidays can still be accessible and luxurious on a student budget. Check out these fantastic summer deals to get you soaking up that sunshine this summer!


Although Bulgaria doesn’t really spring into your mind when thinking of sunny holiday beach getaways, ‘Sunny Beach’ resort in Bulgaria, Maramis, makes for the perfect break.

In comparison to beaches in the Algarve and Portugal, where you can get coffees for an average of £3-4, a cup of coffee in Sunny Beach will only set you back £0.70!

Despite prices rising in ‘Sunny Beach’ by 16 per cent, it still stands as the cheapest place to jet off on a beach holiday!

A seven night all inclusive holiday at one of their many four star resorts will cost you just £230 and that’s including flights!

‘Sunny Beach’ has recently been dubbed as the cheapest holiday destination in Europe, so it’s definitely worth a look-in as it could overtake Spain in the race to offer the best value.

Check out trip adviser here for more information on Sunny Beach.


After the whole financial crisis affair, holidays to Greece have really fallen in price over the last few years. You can now get very affordable package holidays with all inclusive aspects.

You can pick up brilliant all-inclusive deals in Greece, with the average cost of living on the island of Crete falling by 14 per cent.

You can get a coffee for £2 and a two-course meal for two for just £15, although with an all-inclusive deal you will not really have to be doing much spending.

All inclusive holiday packages in Cyprus have dropped by 12 per cent in the last year, meaning that the beautiful island is now accessible for all.

Corfu also has some great deals at the moment, you can get a two-course meal for two for under £20 and a glass of wine for under £4!

Check out more here on lastminute.com to find out which islands are offering the best deals this summer.


A one week, all inclusive holiday-including flights- in Turkey will set you back only £376! The country is definitely leading the way for affordable yet luxurious holidays this summer.

More and more people are now heading to the holiday destination, with Turkey standing as the sixth most popular country to visit in 2018.

Don’t let Turkey’s popularity put you off for fear of busy crowds, there are plenty of beautiful hide-a-ways for you to enjoy.

You can do some pretty cheap boat trips and island hopping for less than £50, heading over to Antalaya for the classic beach holiday experience, or sailing to the red sea to enjoy the quieter, beautiful parts of the country- all still at an affordable price!

You can get a cup of coffee for £1.50,  a large glass of wine for £2.80 and a two-course meal for under £10!


Situated in North Africa, Morocco really is a treasure trove when it comes to affordable holiday getaways.

A one week stay at one of their renowned four-star beach resorts will cost you only £291, this is including all food, flights, insurance and airport transfer, so it’s definitely worth it!

Agadir is currently offering the best prices this summer with the cost of living falling by 13 per cent in the past ten months.

You usually have to fly from London to get the best deals with Morrocco, yet with the money being saved travelling to the capital city this shouldn’t be too much of an issue- if you live there already then fantastic- more money saved!


Last but not least, Spain still holds the title for a cheap and accessible beach holiday.

Towns such a Lloret de Mar and Salou have experienced a four percent drop in prices to keep up with the ever-growing abundance of affordable holiday destinations so are definitely worth looking into this holiday season.

If you do feel like venturing out of the resort, then there are many affordable places to eat and drink in Spain, with a cup of coffee setting you back on average just £1.15, whilst a three-course meal for two comes in at under £30.

You can get a one week stay in a four-star, all-inclusive hotel in Costa Brava for just £213 per person. Find out more here.

Some quick tips on how to get the best deals

  • De-activate cookies on your browser. If explorer notices that you are constantly searching for the same thing then the prices will rise. You can get around this by going incognito and grabbing those bargains!
  • Use comparison sites such as sky scanner for flights and holiday supermarket for the best packages and deals.
  • Listen to friends and family, take their advice on the best places to go and also the places not to!
  • Take your time, yet be prepared to grab a deal when you see it, they go up all the time so if the price and date are right, then go for it.
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