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About to graduate? What to do next: travelling

About to graduate? What to do next: travelling

If are looking to travel the world after you graduate but you are unsure about where to go, what to organise and who to go with, then here are some handy tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

#Chose the right time to head off on your trip

It’s always best to choose the right time to head off on your trip.

If you are short on money, then it’s important to realise that you can’t shoot off just yet. It’s also handy to think of any important dates, such as weddings, (your graduation!) and moving out of your accommodation. Also, it’s important to work out where is best to go and when.

For example, travelling areas of Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia is an extremely hot affair in April, with temperatures scraping 40 degrees; it’s cooler to go in June, but then this is also close to monsoon season.

Other examples are work holidays, if you would like to work abroad with Camp America then it’s important to note that your travelling starts in June. Likewise, if you would like to teach abroad then it’s also handy to know that you will be working teaching hours, so it’s good to time manage your weekends away. Essentially, determine the length of your trip, the day of take-off and then go from there.

#Do some saving

It’s always good to have some money saved if you are heading off travelling for an extended period of time,  your best option is to do some research. Work out the basic living cost of each country you are heading to, as you might spend much more in some areas than in others.

For example, capital cities are always pricey, you could spend somewhere whilst saving someplace else. If you would like to save- and bag some nice interest as you do- then you can always set up a saving’s ISA at your local bank.

Having your savings in one place means that it’s separate from your spending money.

In terms of how much money you will need, it’s always best to over calculate and take more than you think, you also need to let your bank know that you are heading abroad or else they will think that your card has been stolen and will block it.

In addition to money for travelling, vaccinations also cost a fair deal, so you will need to have money saved up for them in order to be fully protected on your travels.

#Stay safe abroad

To give your friends and family some piece of mind, you can register over on Smart Traveller.

This site offers all the relevant information on staying safe abroad, giving you information on the culture, the laws and the crime in a country of your choice. Smart Traveller also sends through important travel updates,

This site also recommends all of the services that you can sign up for; from Facebook updates through information on travel insurance. You can also upload your full travel plan and get it checked in terms of safety by the site, this plan will also be up for your family to see whenever they wish.

#Head off backpacking

Interrailing is the perfect way to travel to a wide variety and number of locations whilst also travelling on a budget and meeting lots of new people as you go. You can pick up an interrail one month ticket around Europe for under £350, whilst hostels usually come in at £8-15 a night- and plenty of them have a breakfast option!

Interrailing allows you to personally plan your route, there are also different tickets to chose from with some lasting for one month, or others allowing ten trips across a time period of your choice.

Check out the interrail website here for more information.

#Travel the UK (think about transport)

If you would love to experience travel for an extended amount of time, but do not feel ready to head off abroad, then you can always travel the UK. There are plenty of opportunities for travel in humble Blighty, from the coasts of Cornwall and Devon, to the Welsh Valleys and Scottish Highlands. If you would like to visit UK cities then you can capital city hop, either by car or public transport. Don’t forget Ireland! You can fly over to Ireland on a budget by grabbing your flights over on sky-scanner!

#Grab your VISA

In terms of getting a VISA, everything depends on how long you travel for and whether or not you are going to be working abroad.

Huff Post does a great article here on some easy steps to take to grab your VISA, you can also head over to Travisa, this site allows you to type in your destination before telling you whether a VISA is needed for travel.

#Get a full medical

Depending on where you go, you need to ensure that you get a full medical and any of the necessary vaccinations before you jet off. Contact your local doctor so that you can sit down and speak with a nurse on what you might need, they’ll usually pull up a map and tell you where the hot spots are for certain diseases before booking you in for the relevant vaccinations.

You can head over to the NHS travel website here.

If you are really struggling to find a clinic who give out travel injections, then you can always head along to boots for your shots and a full consultation, they cost more, but at least you will get them done.

#Organise before you go

Make sure that you get organise before you go. It’s important to know at least the logistics of the trip, such as where you are flying out of and who you are going to be travelling with.

It’s also important to do some research, make sure that you are excited and eager to explore when arriving in a new place!

There’s no need to buy the little travel books, just head over to the Lonely Planet website and tap in where you are heading for information on accommodation, travel, public transport and things to do.

#Teach abroad

There are plenty of opportunities to teach abroad over on goabroad.com, likewise, you can head over to teachingbroad for more opportunities.

Teaching abroad is a great way to see the world as many companies cover expenses from travel insurance through to transport and accommodation. You also get a salary whilst you teach, which you can then use to travel with at the weekend.

#Enter a few competitions

If you are really short on cash, then you can always enter into a few competitions! There are plenty of companies offering tickets around the world, failing that, you can check if anyone is hiring social media representatives to travel and document their experiences.

Here are a few companies currently offering either competitions or social media opportunities:






Good luck- and enjoy yourself!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.