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A guide to self care this weekend

A guide to self care this weekend

It’s the weekend and it’s time to relax. Being a student can be stressful and at times it can feel like the world is getting on top of you. A brilliant way to deal with this stress is some much needed self care, whether it’s taking a bath, reading a book or simply taking the time to cook your favourite food. Take some time for yourself this weekend.

Make something tasty and drink some water

Cook yourself your favourite food, maybe have some friends round for a meal or simply cook up some good food and settle down to watch your favourite show by yourself.


Exercise releases endorphins and these make you feel good. Go out for a walk, pop to the gym, go on a hike or simply take a walk round your local park with your uni friends or your partner. Just by getting yourself outside for no pressing reason other than to just have a stroll can be a really relaxing experience. If you are not really feeling like leaving the house, then there are plenty of exercises that you can do at home, check out this site here on some tips.


This one may seem silly, but popping quickly into the shower before university or work can leave you feeling rushed and really treating yourself to a bath with your favourite products can help to relax you. Baths are proven to to relax your muscles, you can even prop up your lap top on the toilet seat for some bath time Netflix or read a book, although the second one is always a little tricky. Bathing with no time limit or anywhere to be can be really wonderful and calming.

Meditation and self reflection

Put on your favourite music and try to relax, maybe read your favourite book or simply just have a lie down or a nap. Trying to shut your brain off and completely empty it of any stress can seem a little daunting, but is something one can achieve. This meditation 101 site is filled with tips on how to relax, offering expert advice for meditation at home.

Watch your favourite show

Whether it’s a nostalgic one from your childhood or one that you have just got into, watching your favourite show will help to make you sit down and relax.

Get cosy

Put on your favourite pyjamas and cosy up under some blankets, you can host a film night with your university house if you want, get some popcorn and sweets and make the whole evening stress free.


Face masks, a bath, paint your nails, do your hair even fake tan if you want to! Doing all these pamper style things will help you to focus on you. These are some great sites on how to give yourself a pamper evening at home, there are also plenty of sites detailing how to pamper on a budget, as finding the money for activities such as this can be hard as a student.

Get an early night

Sleep is a wonderful cure for anything, especially stress. After you’ve had a calming bath, get into bed and read. Try to turn off electronic devices before you climb into bed, as the strain on your eyes can sometimes cause you to struggle to fall asleep. Pillow sprays are a great way to ensure that you have a good night sleep, just a simple spray on the pillow will mean you will drift off effortlessly, they are chemical free and just scented with lavender. Check them out here.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.