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8 Scary Moments All Students Experience

8 Scary Moments All Students Experience

No matter what people say, being a student is not a walk in the park. People tend to think that students just lie around all day doing nothing. Well, we actually do a whole lot more than that and, sometimes, things get very stressful. Whether you’re a first year or a third year, there are certain things that will happen to you during your time at university. At the time, these will feel like the biggest problems in the world. Here are eight scary moments you’re bound to experience.

1. When you’ve left your assignment way too late


When you first get given an assignment, you think that you have loads and loads of time. WRONG! You need to act fast and get studying if you want to pass. All students have ended up trying to do their essays at 3am. It’s never a good sign.


2. When you highlight the important parts


Revising is anything but fun. Trying to cram all that knowledge into your brain is boring. When it comes to highlighting, we all try to just get the important parts of the text. But, what if that’s all of it, eh?


3. When you can’t even take it anymore



Sometimes, having loads of things to do can motivate you… Other times, it can make you feel lazier than ever. When there’s too much to do, you will always want to have a quick nap for an hour or seven.


4. When you have no spare time left


When exam period rolls around, there is simply no time to do anything fun. Either you’ll be studying, eating or crying… Everything else can wait for a month or so.


5. When you just want the class to end


Why is it that when you’re late for class, you get told off but when the tutor is late, it’s all fine? That doesn’t seem fair at all. They are just wasting everyone’s precious free time!


6. When you just can’t afford pizza


There is nothing better than biting into a hot slice of pizza when you’re feeling stressed out. Sadly, your student loan won’t always cover that. Well, this is surely the next best thing!


7. When you start buying your textbooks


For some reason, tutors seem to think that you have all the time in the world to read. News flash: You have literally NO spare time at all. When you look at the longest reading list in the world, it makes your head hurt.


8. When you’re hungover in a morning lecture


Why do they put lectures so early in the morning, eh? It just doesn’t seem fair. If you’ve had a good old night out the night before, things go from bad to worse way to fast!

Holly Smith Editor