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8 Awful Housemate From Hell Stories You Have To Read

8 Awful Housemate From Hell Stories You Have To Read

When it comes to choosing housemates, you need to be as careful as possible. Of course, in the first year, you don’t always get to choose who you will live with. After that, though, there are really no excuses. You need to make sure that your housemates are the right people for you. If you choose wrongly, it could be a disaster. Here are some housemate stories from hell written by the lovely users of Reddit!

1. The one who had loud sex

My university only had single rooms, so I didn’t need to deal directly with a roommate, but the guy who lived next to me would bring home his girlfriend almost on a nightly basis and they’d be really, really loud.

Squeaking of a bed or something I could deal with, but I could hear every word, detail, moan, grunt, etc. It was really inconsiderate to both myself and the person on his other side when we were being woken up at 3 in the morning because they couldn’t quiet down a little bit. – via querulant

There is always one person who likes to keep just about everyone up simply because they can’t be quiet. If you happen to hear your housemates getting down to business, it can be rather awkward. Mainly because it’s a tricky subject to bring up… and they know it!


2. This strange person

Oh god. Not mine, but my girlfriends roomate freshman year.

I’m just gonna jump to the point. We walked in on her masturbating with my girlfriends hairbrush. The weirdest part was that she didn’t stop. We left and came back 2 hours later and she acted like nothing had happened, despite making direct eye contact with us. – via MAKES_GOOD_JOKES

You would think that this girl would be ashamed of being caught, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it seems like this lady was kind of proud of what had happened. Odd.


3. The heaviest period ever

Freshman year of college, I lived in a tiny forced triple with one really cool girl and one crazy girl. Crazy girl had gynecological issues but refused to see a doctor about them. She only got her period twice a year, so when she did get it they would be extremely heavy and last for several weeks. She also refused to wear tampons because they were “weird.” So she would wear pads but would constantly bleed through them and onto her clothes. However, instead of putting her bloody clothes through the wash like a normal human, she would soak them in bowls of water on her desk. Our entire room reeked of period blood. This went on for weeks.

She was crazy. – via Anon

There are just no words for this story. When it comes hygiene issues, things can get very awkward very fast, which means that you need to sort them out!


4. The girl who needs to get married

My cousin’s first roommate when she went to college was…interesting. She bought an engagement ring and then Asked my cousin to hide it somewhere in the apartment. Then, when roommate’s boyfriend wanted to propose, my cousin would give him the ring, so that she would get the ting she wanted and still be surprised when he proposed. She was single. – via QuiescentAdolescent

Now, there are always girls out there who feel that their life will be complete when some guy pops the question. This lady has taken things to a whole new level!


5. The one who pees in weird places

As a freshman in college, I had a very lazy roommate. That in itself is ok most of the time. The problem for me was that our room was as far as possible from a bathroom. The first pee incident was rather innocent. I woke up to the sound of running water. Did he leave our sink on? I wondered. But no. He was at our door, peeing into the hall. When I yelled at him to stop, he looked at me and said “but it’s a urinal”. It was not, but the alcohol he been consuming all night convinced him it was. The next time however, he knew what he was doing. I woke up (different night) to hear the sound of pee hitting the trash bag. I later found out hid aim is poor, but that doesn’t matter because when I yelled “what the hell are you doing?”, he turned. Without stopping his stream. I later learned that he regularly kept a water bottle in his lofted bed to pee in, and peed in our sink occasionally, which I brushed my teeth and washed my face in nightly. – via DetroitWolverines81

This person was one of the oddest we’ve heard of. Of course, it is never okay to pee anywhere buy the bathroom. It’s almost like this person didn’t care about that!


6. The quiet one

Move-in day arrived quickly and I was very excited to get to know her. Since we arrived at different times, I had moved my things into the room before she got there. We met as she was moving her things in, and she seemed okay at that point, although she looked apprehensive when she saw me. I did notice a few strange things already, like that she had positioned her tv on a side of her bed that made it almost impossible for me to ever use it. I shrugged that off, as unthoughtful but probably not malicious.

After that, I tried numerous times to start conversations with her, but she simply refused to speak to me in anything but one-worded replies to specific questions. “Hey, how were your classes today?” was met with something along the lines of “Fine.” and “Would you like to go down to the dining hall with me?” was always met with a short “No.”. – via Laurelftw

We’ve all known one of these. It doesn’t matter how much you try to get to know your housemate, they might not want to know you. When that happens, it can make the atmosphere a little icy to say the least. Yikes.


 7. This VERY strange boy

My freshman year roommate – we spoke once before we got to school, and all I really knew is that he identified himself as “country” and he was on the football team.

He was a great tree of a man – 6’7″ or so, 350+ lbs. Some highlights from my 9 months living with.

  • He would mail order some the most frightening pornographic films (VHS tapes) and ask to split the cost with me, since he would watch them while I was in the room. He would get 1 or 2 per week, so by the end of the year there was a cabinet full of this shit.

  • He tried to make wine in our closet. When the experiment failed, he started dealing weed.

  • He had an emergency appendectomy and, when I visited him in the hospital, he asked me to help him sell the pot, or hide it from his dad. He was not a very good drug dealer.

  • He never called me by name. He always called me “faggot” or something along those lines.

  • One night we were drinking and I woke up with 2 black eyes. We don’t know what happened, but he assumed that he beat me up when he was drunk. He felt really bad and the next 2 weeks he was totally sober and nice to me. – via hovercraft_mechanic

There are just so many things wrong with this guy, I honestly don’t know where to start. I get that you might want to make your own wine, but don’t do it in your halls. That’s just plain odd. Plus, the black eye thing is well out of order.


8. The one who set the house on fire

After winter break, I returned to the house only to witness the kitchen on fire and used condoms strewn all over the house. Turns out that one of the housemates had been sanitizing some socks in a pot of boiling water, and had forgotten about it while having insane sexy time with his boyfriend. The water completely boiled out, and the socks caught on fire. – via LikeAgaveF

The last thing you want to deal with is a house that’s on fire. These housemates are more than a little careless, they are a hazard. I’d move out right away!

Holly Smith Editor