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6 times bake off summed up student life

6 times bake off summed up student life

#1 Forever running out of time

Remember pulling that all nighter to get that essay in at 12pm the next day? Yep, please don’t try and do that again, recovery takes a full week, I know from personal experience.

#2 Trying to ‘wing it’

It’s okay if I haven’t done the reading. I’m calm, committed and going to definitely wing this work. Yeah, just keep telling yourself that whilst sitting in the library staring at a blank screen on word.

#3 Fully embracing panic and freaking the hell out

So the winging it approach did not work and now you are well and truly panicking. Like the bakers and their soggy bottoms, student life is stressful. It’ll all be okay though, we promise.

#4 Making good mates to get you through it all

Hey! At least you’ve got mates to see you through those essay submissions and take you out to get drunk! Student life!

#5 Banter

Ah the innuendos in Bake Off are on a similarly funny strand to pre-drinking party games. Although maybe the bake off ones are a little bit more subtle.

#6 Why am I so emotional?

Why is everything so hard? (eating spaghetti with ketchup on in last night’s outfit)

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.