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5 Postgrad Jobs for if All Else Fails

5 Postgrad Jobs for if All Else Fails

As someone about to graduate from the University of Birmingham with an English with Creative Writing degree, I know that finding a graduate job after university is over can be a nerve-wracking and challenging experience. There are so many different ways of going about this, that I sadly can’t write an article telling you a sure-fire way of landing yourself one. However, in case you ever get really stuck for ideas, I have done some trawling and found you some slightly unusual jobs you might not have thought of. You can thank me later.

1.) A Bed Warmer

This guy would nail the bed warmer job

Yes, you read that correctly. Some might argue this is an ideal job for students – you get a reasonable £16,000 annual salary to ensure that hotel beds are ‘warm and cosy for the arrival of guests’ by sleeping in their beds before they arrive. You have to wear a special heated suit for the sake of hygiene, and can add the prestigious position of ‘human hot water bottle’ to your CV.

2.) Water Slide Tester

How not to test a water slide

If you fancy something a little more adventurous, applying to be a waterslide tester might be your dream job. In fact, Sebastian Smith, a Leeds University graduate student, actually landed this £20,000 role back in 2013 following a fiercely contested competition run by First Choice holidays with over 2,000 applicants. The role involves being paid to travel all over the world testing the chutes at their SplashWorld resorts for how much of a splash they cause, and for the adrenaline rush experienced by the rider.

3.) Professional Tea Taster

You might even get to dress as stylishly as these ladies

This one requires a fair bit more training than the last couple of jobs. If you allow yourself around five years to train your palette, you can apply to be a professional tea taster. If it’s travel and tasting leaves in hot water which gets you up in the morning, you’ll be delighted to hear that the tea tasting role involves globetrotting and sampling up to 300 teas per day. Oh, and the salary is a delicious £25,000 per annum.

4.) Fake Bank Robber

This robbery seems convincing enough to me

By far the coolest job occupation I’ve found so far, here’s one for the drama students and crime buffs. For an undisclosed salary, you can be employed by a bank as a ‘penetration tester’ (yes, you read that right) and try and beat their security systems. Although this can involve some high-tech work, most of the time you’re paid to dress up as a firefighter or pest-control specialist as these are far more likely to be allowed entry into offices by unsuspecting employees, allowing them to install devices to hack the bank’s security systems.

5.) Professional Queuer

Who doesn’t love a good queue?

Okay, so I’ve left perhaps the most desperate of quirky jobs until last. If you’re really short of ideas, and are so British that you relish the prospect of standing in queues for hours, then the £12,000 per year professional queuer job might be what you need. Frankly, the job is exactly what it says on the tin: people will pay you £20 per hour via agencies to stand in line for them until you reach the end of the queue.

So there you have it: if all else fails after graduation, there are plenty of weird and wonderful jobs out there for you to apply for.

Personally, I’m gunning for the bank robber job.

By Georgia Tindale

Holly Smith Editor