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5 Genius Apps To Help You Sort Out Your Life

5 Genius Apps To Help You Sort Out Your Life

Being a student is anything but easy. While the adults in your life assume that all you do is laze around all day and watch TV, there is so much more to life at university than just that. When it comes down to it, things can get a little chaotic from time to time. If you think it’s high time you sorted out your life once and for all, there might be a super simple way to do so. These days, there are apps for just about everything, which means that they can help you along the way. Here are five that you have to download right now!


1. Headspace


When you have a million and one things to do, it’s only natural that you’d start to feel a little stressed out. Well, by using a little thing called ‘mindfulness,’ you can relax and unwind. Not only will this make you feel calmer than ever, but it is also fantastic for keeping your mental health in check. Headspace has 10-minute audio sessions that you can do each day. Nothing could be easier.


2. 7 Minute Workout


Trying to keep yourself in shape when you’re a student is anything but easy. One of the biggest problems is that you never seem to have the time to head down to the gym. Well, now you don’t have to. If you can spare just seven minutes per day, you can keep in shape with utter ease. 7 Minute Workout will take you through some basic workout routines so that you keep healthy without it being too much hassle.


3. Drunk Mode


Have you ever got a little too tipsy and phoned up your ex from three years ago to tell them you love them? Yeah, we all have and it’s awkward as hell when you realise what you’ve done the next day! If you want to avoid just this problem, you should download Drunk Mode. The app blocks you from contacting certain people (you get to choose who) for 12 hours unless you can answer a simple maths question. Genius. Plus, it has a whole host of other helpful features to get you home safe.


4. VoucherCodes


If you’re trying to save some cash here and there, this is an app for you. VoucherCodes has hundreds of discount codes and coupons at the touch of the button. Before you buy anything from a  meal to a haircut, it’s well worth having a quick search on the app to see if there is a code that will save you money. After all, you’ve got to hold onto your pennies, right?


5. Examtime


We know the last thing you want to be thinking about is your exams, but if you want to pass, you need to study hard. Examtime is a great app with flashcards, mind-maps and notes to help you study your way to success. Plus, you can even set yourself deadlines and goals within the app so that you get reminders and help along the way.

Holly Smith Editor