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5 Apps Every Student Needs

5 Apps Every Student Needs

It’s that time of year again: exams are somewhere on the horizon, you’re back at home with your parents and your motivation to revise is, quite frankly, non-existent. If only someone had invented an app to do your work for you…

Well, they haven’t quite invented one of those yet, but here are 5 types of app which will make your life as a student that much easier:


1. Revision Apps

Whether it’s flash-cards, mind-maps or writing out practice essays until your hand falls off, everyone has a different way of tackling exam revision.

Thankfully, there’s an app to suit whichever revision style suits you. If you’re keen on flash-cards, you could give StudyBlue a go, where you can input your course information to make related cards for revision.

If you love mind-maps, then the aptly named iMindMap will be your dream come true. You can create neat maps on your device which you can easily rearrange without any of the mess from paper. You’ll be racing through those essay plans in no time!

Finally, GoConqr is another fantastic revision app where you can try out a range of learning techniques, from revision charts, to notes, to quizzes, all from your smartphone. You can also do group-work with coursemates, if you dare…


2. Sleep Apps

It’s a stressful time of year, and it’s so easy for sleep to be forgotten as a priority. Here are some apps which will help keep you on top of your sleep.

If you’re likely to sleep in and miss the exam, give this app a go: Alarmy: Sleep if U Can is the world’s most annoying alarm, but it will get you out of bed. The app makes you complete tasks before it turns the alarm off (taking a picture of something, shaking the phone and so on), so you’ll be really awake by the time you get up!

If you’ve find that it’s regulating your sleep which is the problem, try SleepCycle. SleepCycle wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase by keeping track of when you went to sleep, and how many hours you want to sleep – no more morning grogginess!


3. Organisational Apps

Of course, revision period isn’t all about exams: you need to organise time with friends, possibly some part-time work and spending quality time with your dog. To keep on top of all of this, you could try Any.do.

This app features shareable to-do lists, reminders and notes which you can easily sync between all of your devices. Plus, you can also update them using your voice, and can also integrate all of these with your online calendar.


4. Bibliography Apps

To anyone studying an arts subject, this one will hit home. Writing up the bibliography by hand can take a really long time.

Lots of my friends use plugins which they have added to Word (such as Zotero and RefWorks) to speed up their referencing, but there are also apps you can download such as EasyBib which will make your life so much easier.

Just scan the barcodes of the books you’re using, and it will generate a bibliography in Chicago, MLA or a variety of other referencing styles.


5. Personal Safety Apps

This is especially relevant for exam term, when you’re working late in the university library and often walking home alone. There are so many apps which you can use to help you feel safe at night, including the free Circleof6 app. 

For this app, you pick 6 family members or friends to be in your circle and simply hit the phone/car/chat icons when you need them, and they’ll get an instant alert. It is also connected to domestic abuse/sexual violence hotlines in case you need them. Other popular and free personal safety apps include bSafe, WatchOverMe and Kitestring.

Holly Smith Editor