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21 Ideas for your 21st

21 Ideas for your 21st

Here are 21 ideas to try out for your 21st- enjoy!

1) Do something extreme

It sounds cliché but why not try go race car driving, attempt a bungee jump or go skydiving. At 21 you’re probably the fittest you’ll ever be!

2) Host a fancy dinner party

I’m thinking canapés, Prosecco and cocktail dresses.

3) House party

If your parents are chilled enough, you can’t go wrong with a classic house party. Try and arrange a friend to DJ and stock up on American-style red plastic cups.

4) Spa trip

The thought of such a monumental birthday can be stressful, a spa trip could be just the relief.

5) Family party

Combining a party with your friends and your crazy family is always risky, but it’s a great way to share the occasion with all your loved ones!

6) Night out on the town

A classic mad night in your local town is not something to overlook for your 21st. Tell the clubs it’s your big day and they’re more than likely to give you a bottle of bubbly!

7) A themed night

So many ideas come to mind: Mexican, Out of Space, Great Gatsby, Disney, Alice in Wonderland, A Night at El Morocco, 60’s…

8) An all day bender


9) BBQ

Chilled scenes of a bit of music, some beef burgers sizzling and a jug of Pimms.

10) 1990s themed bash

Everyone loves a throwback to the year you were born. Be sure to create a fitting playlist.

11) Pub crawl

Get your gang together and find at least 8 bars and pubs for you to invade.

12) Get a tattoo or a piercing

Nothing quite says “I’m 21” than an impulse decision.

13) Live music

Do some research and see if there are any good bands or DJs playing on your birthday night. If you’re wanting to splash the cash, see if you can hire a band to play at yours.

14) Explore a new city

If you’re a country-bumpkin a weekend away in London, Edinburgh or Paris is always exciting.

15) Rent a country house for the weekend

Not the cheapest of options, but a weekend trip for you and your closest friends could be really special. Have a look at rural areas like Devon, Cornwall, and Surrey.

16) Keep it casual

Sometimes the stress of organising a proper party can put you off celebrating your birthday all together. There is no harm in keeping it casual and hosting a movie night with a takeaway.

17) Shopping

Make sure your mum is free to hit the town and choose your 21st presents and outfits.

18) Joint party with other 21 year-olds

As they say, the bigger the better.

19) Hire a boat

A bit eccentric, but you’re only 21 once after all.

20) A children’s party

This is your last occasion to act irresponsible and immature. Hire out a bouncy castle, make party bags and stock up on face paint. If you don’t’ fancy hosting it yourself, see if there is a regression sessions taking place!

21) Trust your friends will host you something

If all these ideas are overwhelming you, maybe trust your friends. A risky option, but they could pull it out off.

Happy Birthday!


Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.