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14 trends that need to disappear in 2017

14 trends that need to disappear in 2017

Not only was 2016 a diabolical year in terms of politics, several of its fashion trends were pretty tragic as well. Here is a run down of 14 of the most embarrassing.


1) The curly undercut


What kind of modern male are you if you’re not donning the curly undercut? This style seems to have taken the youth by a storm, but it’s just a bit silly isn’t it? I imagine this look will turn into the male equivalent of the embarrassing sweeping side fringes that every girl used to have and creases at now.


 2) Nike Huaraches


Just because the likes of Nicki Minaj and Joey Essex have worn Huaraches does not make them aesthetically pleasing. Everyone is repulsed by crocs, but surely these shoes are simply the modern trainer equivalent? Not only do they make your feet look giant, they seem to force you to walk with an annoying cocky little bounce in your step. How long will it be until everyone realises they are abominable?


3) Tight tracksuit bottoms


There’s no issue with sports clothing going to and from gym, but why have guys started wearing these tight tracksuit bottoms with normal clothing on top? I saw a guy wearing a shirt, tie, waistcoat and some adidas bottoms the other day. Scandalous.


4) Scrunchie bobbles


Girls we left primary school a long time ago. They may well have been cute then, but they definitely are not cute 15 years down the line.


5) Giant puffer coats

Someone stop Barney Mattthews!!! The man can’t get enough of #thatpuffa

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The puffer: the newest “wavy garm” trend worn by every female over the age of 14. The Urban Outfitters puffer jacket went so viral that it has its own Instagram page called “That Puffa”. In all fairness, they are warm and comfortable. But how about steering away from the crowd from time to time?  

6) Yeezys

3636214951_baf67b7d1b_o I can’t work out which are worst, Huaraches or Yeezys? They come in the strangest of colours and look more like climbing shoes than anything catwalk worthy.  

7) Unicorn merchandise


Unicorn Lego Toy

I have no idea how this trend took off, but at one point every clutch bag, phone case and key ring had a giant unicorn on it. Save these mythical creatures for children books please.  

8) Lace up tops



There is something just overly fussy about the lace-up look. It’s not quite sexy and not quite practical. I think trend will fade out on its own, thankfully.


9) Giant chokers



I’m fairly opposed to small chokers, let alone these giant neck braces that celebrities seem to be claiming as fashionable. Some of them may well as be snoods or scarves, especially one sold by Forever 21 which was mocked extensively on social media.  

10) Moth eaten jeans



A few holes here and there, quite cool and edgy. A slight rip, I can cope with that. But what is with these giant moth eaten patches where you can see more skin than jean? Are you not cold?


11) Fishnet tights under ripped jeans



If the giant rips weren’t bad enough in themselves, a trend took off to wear fishnets under the jeans. If this is a way to look more “conservative” or to keep your legs warmer, why not just buy normal jeans?


12) Slider shoes, and with socks…


No words are needed for this appalling trend. Just when you thought Huaraches were bad, the Nike slider shoe became a fad. It started off that boys would call them their “lounge shoes” for chilling at home, but then they took to the streets, and it was terrifying.


13) Space buns


Space buns are the epitome of a Leeds or Manchester night out. If they weren’t for some reason linked to the solar system, I’d say they were the female equivalent of the “top knot.” Perhaps a craze of pulling out or cutting off space buns will spark just like with the man bun.


14) Glitter


Every now and then a few specks of glitter are just the thing to get you in the mood for your night out, but it has gone to far. Nowadays before every club night it looks as if girls are heading off to Bestival or Notting Hill Carnival. Save it for the big sessions.

Holly Smith Editor