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12 signs you’re ready to go back to uni after Christmas

12 signs you’re ready to go back to uni after Christmas

Christmas is over, you’ve spent an absurd amount of money seeing the new year in with your old school mates, and you’ve added on half a stone thanks to Mum’s (delicious, of course) cooking.  But January can only mean one thing: bring back the sesh.


1) You miss the independence of being on your own, where no-one expects you to do any chores or cleaning or anything really.

Yes Mum…. sure Mum…. of course I will Mum.


2) You’ve been spending the majority of your time with distance relatives you didn’t even know that you had, and kinda wish you’d never been made to sit and listen to Great Aunt Mildred’s stories about her cats.

You’re also generally the only one under the age of 50…


3) Your group chats with the uni lot are slowly descending into anarchy.

You really just miss each other’s company so much.


4) You realise how much work you haven’t done and how little your parents are helping you concentrate.

Do you want me to fail?


5) Your friends at home are sick of all your uni stories.

They really don’t care, however wild your night may have been last month, they’ll probably have a story to top it.


6) Your local pub has been the core of every night at home and you don’t understand why you ever thought it was so amazing.

What do you mean you don’t do Long Island Iced Teas? Fine.. another pint then I suppose.


7) You consider re-reading some notes and getting some essay planning done, because you probably should start… But you inevitably end up watching Netflix all day.

As great as it is… I need a life.


8) You’re so poor now that you can’t even afford petrol to get back to uni early (let alone food once you get there). Student Loan come through quickly please.



9) You’ve almost given up hiding things from your family.

That dolphin tattoo you got on your ankle when you went to Magaluf is really hard to hide everyday…


10) You’re missing the good old sesh and getting very jittery.

For some reason, it’s a lot more awkward to get back to your parents house hammered at 5am with a girl in tow.


11) Everyone at home seems to be either pregnant or getting engaged.

Yep… it’s happening… people are growing up. Not for me though, I’m happy with my alcohol fueled nights and sleeping all day.


12) Even though you still have a week left, you’re packed and ready to get out of there.

I’m a student. Get me out of here.

Holly Smith Editor