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11 Things You’ll Know From Living in a Student House

11 Things You’ll Know From Living in a Student House

Ella Mawson

So, you’ve been in your student house now for nearly two weeks, how’s everything holding up?

1 – Lack of Cleanliness

One of the universal features of student houses is a general lack of cleanliness. You may be one of the lucky few who live in a tidy house but it’s unlikely that it will be clean. Luckily you’ll get used to the dirtiness soon enough and learn to overlook the layer of crumbs on the kitchen surfaces or the grime in the kitchen sink. Like the animals of the wild you’ll learn to adapt to and thrive in your new environment. Be warned, however, to never go near a tea towel or sponge at university. If you’re a student you’ll know why.

2 – Disputes Over Milk

Disputes over milk will be an unwanted, but not uncommon part of your life at university. Why? Because when you go to make your cup of tea in the morning and discover an empty carton where your milk used to be, you’ll struggle to rise above it. And so begins the process of becoming territorial over your milk and spending far too much time trying to root out the milk stealer.

3 – Overfull Bins

Emptying the bins is undoubtedly among the worst chores you’ll have to take responsibility of at university. This is why students do it so rarely. Only when the rubbish is spilling onto the floor does some poor soul take it out, leaving a trail of grease behind them and a faint stench of rotting food.

4  -The Arctic is Warmer

Unsurprisingly, your student house will probably be the coldest place you’ll ever live. A combination of draughty houses and stinginess over heating costs will leave you nostalgic for your cozy house back home. Good news is that you’ll be able to complain about this to every other student who is in the same situation and if you wear enough layers it is almost bearable.

5 – Your Room Becomes Your World

Whilst at university your bedroom will probably become your world, the one space in an otherwise shared house that is completely your own. It’s the only place you can study without interruptions, chill after a busy day and get some time to yourself. And if, like me, you are in the minority of students who crave tidiness and order, your room can also be your haven away from the mess of the rest of the house.

6 – Lack of Provisions:

Whilst at university, students are in the in-between-stage of still being children whilst becoming adults. Your inner child will still be used to being looked after by your parents who will take charge of making sure the house is well stocked in provisions. At home it’s unlikely you will have run out of toilet paper, dishwasher tablets or sponges. University is another story entirely. Get used to the fact that running out of things will becomes a funny and irritating part of your university experience.

7 – You Become a Little Territorial

At university you’ll have to learn to become a little territorial. Shotgunning the television for movie night, running to the shower to beat someone else there, reserving fridge space. It is all part of marking your territory in your shared home.

8 – The Scapegoat

In your university house scapegoating is probably a regular occurrence. I imagine that each group at university will include one person who is usually to blame for things that go wrong. This person will probably be linked to the disappearing milk, the stolen food and the heating that was left on all night. And even if they’re not responsible they’ll be blamed anyway. Scapegoating is a subtle act though, a game of chinese whispers where the true culprit remains a mystery.

9 – The Hermit

Living with flatmates at university is the perfect setup for sociable people who enjoy being surrounded by people at all times. However there will probably be at least one hermit in each flat who spends the majority of time in their room and weeks will go by without you seeing them. Don’t judge them though, chances are that you’ll go through your own hermit phases where your room becomes your sanctuary.

10 – Say Goodbye to Boundaries

Another thing that you’ll know from living in a university house is that there is a distinct lack of the usual social boundaries. This may mean that partial nudity becomes a normal occurrence, leaving the bathroom door accidentally unlocked happens regularly and after multiple games of ‘never have I ever’ there is little that you don’t know about each other.

11 – Great Friends

At the end of the day, the main thing you’ll know from living in a student house is how close you can get to a group of people. In a relatively short amount of time you’ll find that your flatmates become the people that know you better than anyone else, and if you’re lucky they’ll become your university family.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.