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10 Ways To Make Extra Cash When You’re A Student Over The Summer

10 Ways To Make Extra Cash When You’re A Student Over The Summer

By now, your loan has probably all but run out. With a whole summer’s worth of fun activities, events and holidays, you’re probably worrying yourself silly about how on earth you’re going to pay for everything. Well, worry no longer. In fact, there are a few simple ways you can make some extra cash, but it might just take a little hard work on your part. Sorry. Nothing in life is free.


1. Start freelancing


If you have a specific talent, why not make it pay the bills? Whether you’re a writer, designer or artist, there are many ways you can sell  your talents. Check out sites like Freelancer.com and ODesk for more information.


2. Get a part-time job


Sorry to mention the big old ‘J word’ but it might be the easiest way to make some extra cash. From bartending to working in a shop, there are loads of casual jobs out there that you can get with little experience.


3. Enter online competitions


Now, you need to know that this is not  a sure fire way to make extra cash. You might get lucky, but there is no guarantee that you will win. It does take time to enter loads of prize-draws, but the more you enter the more likely you are to win.


4. Become a tutor


If you have a wealth of knowledge in a particular area, you might just want to use that to your advantage. For example, if you happen to be a maths whiz, you could tutor A Level or GSCE kids when you get a spare moment. Look for a tutoring agency so that you get the best rates.


5. Review some music


It sounds like the dream job, doesn’t it? If you love music, you can actually get paid to review it. This one won’t make you millions, but it might just boost your pocket money. Check out Music Xray and similar sites for more info.


6. Make money on YouTube


You might not know this already, but YouTubing can be a gold mine if you get it right. When you build-up a following, you can actually make a whole load of cash from advertising and sponsored content.


7. Become an extra


Fancy being in the background of some of your favourite shows? Well, if you want to do so and make a little cash, this could be perfect. Check out Be On Screen where you can find out how to apply to be an extra.


8. Start a blog


Much like YouTubing, blogging can make you a small income so long as enough people visit your site. Remember, you have to make sure that your page is popular so try to think of a niche subject matter that people want to read about.


9. Sell things online


From eBay to Schpock, there are many places where you can sell things online. If your wardrobe is about to burst, you might want to make some extra money selling things that you really don’t need.


10. Become a mystery shopper


How would you like to make money while shopping? Companies will actually pay you to go and check out the level of service at various shops and restaurants. Take a look at Market Force where you can learn how to sign up!

Holly Smith Editor