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10 Times Being A Fresher Was JUST Like Being At Hogwarts

10 Times Being A Fresher Was JUST Like Being At Hogwarts

Cast your mind back to the moment you first arrived at university. It might have been last September or even as long ago as three years. You were a shy, naive person back then; a shadow of the great man or woman you are today. When you were living that wild fresher lifestyle, you may not have realised it, but it was very much like being a new student at Hogwarts. Don’t believe us? Then take a quick look at this!


1. Getting your acceptance letter was truly exciting


Getting into university is honestly difficult and waiting for that all-important letter was awful. Every day you didn’t get it in the post, your hope faded just a little.


2. Moving into halls was actually terrifying


You thought that you were oh-so-ready for this and then the big day rolled around. There’s no doubt about it, moving into halls is scary as hell.


3. You made a fool of yourself on the first day


You spent the first day making awkward introductions to your flatmates and course mates. Looking back, you can see how dumb you must have looked.


4. Freshers’ Week is basically a blur


Don’t remember your Fresher’s Week? I wouldn’t worry about it. Basically no one remembers what happens in that crazy first week.


5. You tried your first ‘dirty pint’


And realised that they are as horrific as you first imagined. There was nothing enjoyable about having to down one while your flatmates chanted at you.


6. You spent the first three weeks getting lost


When you first head off to university, things can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re not used to the many, many building names. Yikes.


7. You made your first real enemies


Let’s face it, you’re never going to get along with everyone at university. That means that there is a slight chance you’ll make a few enemies along the way.


8. You met the course know-it-all


There’s always one, isn’t there? That person who basically thinks that they know everything about the course already. Um, then why are you bothering to take it?


9. You start eating questionable things


No money? No problem! In your first year, you start eating anything and everything you can get your hands on. From ketchup on toast to Marmite pasta, nothing was off limits.


10. You meet a lecturer who hates everyone


There’s always one lecturer who should have probably retired years ago. They are the one who never, ever wants to help you out and literally hates their job. Great!

Holly Smith Editor