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10 things that’ll happen when you go home for Christmas

10 things that’ll happen when you go home for Christmas

1) Your parents either greet you like their long lost relative who they thought was dead

2. Or literally couldn’t care less. Good to know you missed me, guys.

3. At least you can rely on your pets to love you unconditionally.

Oh, wait


5. Your mum will have had a slight crisis after you left and decided to re-do literally the whole house and now you don’t know where anything is.

Why is your room your little sister’s walk in wardrobe/your dad’s office/the second guest room?

6. You’ll have at least one blazing argument with your parents where you scream “I’m an adult now! I make my own decisions!”…and then run up to your room and slam the door.

7. Relatives ask you so many times about university that you become an expert at not lying through your teeth. Yes, I’m working really hard. No, I don’t drink all the time. Yes, I’ve missed home.

Need. Wine

8. You leave all your deadlines and revision to the very last minute, but you can’t pull all nighters at home under your parent’s watchful eyes, so you pretend everything’s under control.

9. Then on the last day of Christmas you have a total stress freak out.

10. But….when it comes to saying goodbye, you realise how much you really do miss home when you’re at university. At least, you miss the fridge.

Susannah Keogh Susannah's a final year student at the University of Exeter, where she studies Philosophy and Politics. She edits Exeter's student newspaper, Exeposé and has written for the Independent, MTV and The Huffington Post.


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