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10 Things You Learn as a Fresher

10 Things You Learn as a Fresher

1- First Year Passes in a Blur:


The first thing you’ll know from your year as a fresher? Your first year of university will pass in a blur. One moment you’re being dropped off by your parents and then before you know it you are moving out of your university halls and into your first student house with a group of people you couldn’t ever remember not being friends with. Why does it pass so quickly? Time flies when you’re having fun

2- How to Make Friends:


One of the scariest things about starting university is not knowing anyone. Not only do you have to adjust to life without your family in a new home in a new city but you have to do all of this without your friends by your side. For most people, university will be the first time that they are ever completely alone but the great thing is that everyone else is in the same position. Because no one has any friends to begin with everyone is desperate to make them. This means that you will probably make friends quicker than you ever have and chances are they’ll be the best friends you’ve ever had.

3- How to not get Food Poisoning:


Unless you’ve tried cooking before, first year is the time when you have to learn how to fend for yourself in the kitchen. You’ll have to master the basics in cooking if you want to avoid food poisoning but luckily there will always be people on hand to help you out in your moments of doubts. And by the end of fresher’s you will have become a culinary genius. You will have learnt how to make cheap (and hopefully edible) meals with barely any ingredients in a rush and you might even enjoy cooking by the time your first year is over.

4- University Life Takes its Toll:


One of the things you’ll learn the hard way as a fresher is that first year definitely takes it’s toll on your body. Fresher’s flu isn’t a myth it’s real and it can strike you at any moment. Combine this with countless late nights, early morning lectures, high alcohol consumption and a less than perfect diet and your body will begin to show the effects. As the year goes on however, you will have learnt how to power through when you’re not feeling great, you will have learnt how to function on only a few hours sleep and once you’re done with first year you’ll be a pro at it.

5- Independence Takes Time:


Another thing you learn the hard way as a fresher is that independence takes time. You probably thought that you were independent before university but then you learnt that becoming an adult means more than just learning how to cook for yourself or manage your finances. Becoming truly independent is a process and everyone has their wobbly moments but the longer you attempt to be independent the better you get at it.

6- You Have an Inner Domestic Goddess:


Hand in hand with becoming independent at university is learning how embrace your inner domestic goddess. Everyone has one though some may be more dormant than others. Your domestic goddess emerges when your flat collectively decides to have a tidy up of your kitchen when it becomes so disgusting you fear for your health, or when you have a sort our of your room, or finally get round to washing your bedding. I imagine that most freshers try to resist their domestic goddess but believe me it still lurks in you somewhere.

7- You Actually Have to Work at University:


Something you might not have been prepared for in your freshers year? You actually have to work. This may be the year that you can afford to be more relaxed as you find your footing at university but you will have learnt that first years still get work. You still have deadlines that you to meet and you will have learnt how difficult this can be when you’re hungover and exhausted after a night out. Hopefully you will have learnt not to find some balance by the end of your first year though, and learnt how to achieve good grades alongside an active social life.

8- Exams Always Seem to Creep up on You:


Because you weren’t expecting to work during your first year you also probably didn’t expect exams to creep up on you as fast as they do. Just as you’re starting to get to grips with your course the first set of assessments appear and you’re left unsure and worried. Good news is that for most students, first year doesn’t count so though you may have still panicked about exams you knew deep down that it wasn’t the end of the world if you didn’t do perfectly.

9- There is Always Someone Better Than You:


One thing I imagine lots of first years find hard to adjust to during their year as a fresher is the realisation that there is always someone better than you. Before university you may have been one of the smarter students in your year but then you got to university and suddenly you are surrounded by people who are just as smart or smarter than you. Hopefully you will have learnt to accept this fact and allow yourself to relax with the knowledge that you don’t have to be the best.

10- Money is Impossible to Hold onto…or Keep Track of:


Finally first year will have taught you that money is impossible to hold onto. Gone are the days when any money you saved went towards treats. Now you have to think about rent and food shops and before you know it your money has slipped through your fingers and you are left trying to work out where it went. This is where your parents come in, to give you advice on budgeting or lend you some emergency cash. You may think that you can do it all yourself but you’re not officially an adult yet so you can still rely on your parents every now and again.


Holly Smith Editor