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10 things every fresher has done in their first year

10 things every fresher has done in their first year

#1 Ran out of food

Let’s face it, you start the semester ready to cook home prepared meals every day, maybe even start a meal diary, plan out your hot dishes, maybe even prepare them in advance so they’re ready for you when you get back form uni?! HA. Good one. By week two you will be sighing at an empty fridge whilst cooking up massive batches of pasta for that carb kick.

#2 Blown that loan

Student loans can be an enticing thing, and it’s all too east to be swept up with the fresher’s rush. There’s a whole new city, new people and new opportunities, and guess what, the government have just poured in a grand for you especially. Chances are by now you are definitely having second thoughts on that whole bottle of grey goose you purchased in tiger tiger the other week. Whoops.

#3 Met one hundred people, made ten friends

Fresher’s week was definitely a time for new people, and chances are you accepted dozens of friend requests on face book and drunkenly promised to be someone’s best friend on a night out. However, the reality is that only a few of these people remain your mate, this is a good thing!- people who stick around after fresher’s are keepers.

#4 Exploited the fresher’s fair

You have probably just used up your last coupon at the local student cafe, swiped a free coffee or your trial membership on amazon has just been used up. The freebies were great while they lasted, now you are annoyed at the fact that you have to pay full price for a dominoes pizza, not one pound.

#5 Got flu, several times

The first term of university definitely brings you down to a level of constant illness, ranging from fresher’s flu through to hangovers and lack of sleep, you have probably now balanced out to a slightly flu ridden human, don’t worry, full recovery is expected over Christmas, just in time for you to catch refresher’s flu!

#6 Missed a few seminars/lectures/tutorials/workshops?

There’s no harm in missing a few, is there? I don’t even think they do a register, you can easily catch up in the library tomorrow, right?!

#7 Embarrassed yourself on a night out

From singing karaoke, attempting to rap, dancing on a table, being sick on a stranger, bringing a cone home, getting lost or being kicked out of clubs, there were definitely many opportunities for you to make a fool out of yourself this term, just delete the snap chats and everything will be okay.

#8 Slept for at least 14 hours of the day

Now, this is of course a personal record and not something one can do every day, but by the time fresher’s term has ended, you will have definitely had at least one day when you have fully exploited the opportunity for sleep and spent fourteen hours in bed, cosy, wrapped up and ignoring life’s responsibilities.

#9 Broke something

Be it a light, a radiator, a fridge, the oven, a door, a bed, the list goes on, you are bound to have broken something this first term, mine was my phone and a shower. At the same time.

#10 Genuinely thought you were going to die from the world’s worse hang over EVER.

No words- just pain and regret.



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