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10 Seriously Funny Texts We’ve All Received From Our Parents

10 Seriously Funny Texts We’ve All Received From Our Parents

You might be miles away from your parents at university, but that is certainly not going to stop them texting you all the time. In fact, sometimes, it feels as though you never actually left at all. One of the greatest things about parents is their curious inability to use smartphones. Since it’s all alien to them, you can end up getting some pretty hilarious texts from them from time to time. Here are 10 that might seem a little familiar.

1. When your mum is utterly hilarious


What are mums for if they can’t make fun of you, ehe? After all, that is kind of their whole thing. This text might seem a little harsh, but it’s very funny all the same.


2. When your mum crosses that line


While watching porn is perfectly normal, there are some things that you just never want to chat with your mum about. This text conversation is far too awkward.


3. When your mum can’t use her phone


There’s nothing worse than trying to teach your parents to use technology. The things that come completely naturally to us seem to baffle our parents. Um… why?!


4. When your dad says it how it is


Some dads don’t even seem to care what they say. Take this guy, for example; he just says it how it is. This has to be one of the weirdest texts to get from your father.


5. When your mom starts quoting pop culture references


The worst part about this one is the fact that the daughter goes along with it for a while. It seems like she has no idea what her mum is up to.


6. When they learn how to use emoticons


After your parents get passed the initial ‘OMG how do I text?’ phase, they move onto using emoticons and generally being weird. Still, you have to admit that this one is pretty inventive.


7. When your mum gets totally confused


If this text doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will. Obviously, if the person is replying to the texts, they are getting through.


8. When your dad has a dark sense of humour


This is perhaps not the most supportive text from a dad ever, but it’s still pretty funny. Mind you, if you have an actual fear of moths, it could be creepy.


9. When your dad says something awkward


No one really wants to think (or know) about their parents having sex. Here the person was just trying to have a normal conversation, and their dad took it to a weird place. Yikes.


10. When they don’t know what WTF means


This one is actually kind of sweet, but the mum needs to be careful about who she goes around saying ‘WTF’ to. Things could get pretty awkward, pretty fast.

Holly Smith Editor