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10 Hilariously Wrong Exams Answers You Have To Read

10 Hilariously Wrong Exams Answers You Have To Read

Since exam period is almost upon us (gasp!), you’re probably drowning in text books and flashcards. Generally, this is around the time that the student population start to freak out and worry that there is just no way they’ll pass those all-important tests. If you’re a worrier, you might be stressing about all that is to come, but you have to remember that it could always be worse. So long as you don’t make some of these ridiculously bad mistakes, you should be just fine.

1. When you ask a silly question…


Well, this is kind of awkward. We’re pretty sure that this person spent a good few classes learning the difference between hard and soft water. We’re guessing that when it came down to it, they just panicked. Eek.


2. Always eat before you take your exams


Trying to solve difficult equations when your tummy is rumbling is never going to work. When everything starts looking like food, you know something is going very wrong.


3. Don’t take the questions too literally


Sure, this is one way to answer the question, but we all know that’s not what it really means here. The person probably had no idea what the real answer was, and so decided to just make a (not-so-funny) joke.


4. Yeah, that’s not how electricity works


While this might sound logical, any normal person knows that electricity does not work that way. Still, we can’t think of any other reason you’d want to live near electricity lines, and so this is quite a solid answer.


5. If all else fails, quote Beyonce


This person should have got a mark for this regardless of how very wrong the answer is. After all, if you can find a way to work Beyonce into the equation, you’re basically winning at life.


6. People from Birmingham…


This is a little harsh if you ask us. We’re guessing that the examiner was looking for a better thought-out answer than this one, but still!


7. Well, this person has a point


Again, this is someone who went for the most obvious (and still right) answer. Sure, there are probably loads of reasons masts are bad for your health, but you really can’t argue that this is not one of them.


8. If only this were true!


Of course, we all know that a fibula is NOT a tiny little lie, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if it was? This person probably should have got a mark just for being hilarious.


9. When in doubt, draw a whale on the exam paper


Sometimes, when you’re in an exam, you come across a question that you have absolutely no clue how to answer. When that happens, here’s what you should do – draw a whale. It works every time.


10.  And the answer is… SIX!


To be fair to this person, they’ve used some (slightly flawed) logic to get to this point. Sure, it might not be the answer the examiner is actually looking for, but it’s an answer nonetheless. Nice work!

Holly Smith Editor