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10 Gross Things You Will Find In Every Student House

10 Gross Things You Will Find In Every Student House

You may think that your student house is totally original, but that’s so not the case. When it comes down to it, there are things in your house that are in every student place across the country. From discount vouchers to smelly socks, there are some things that each student accommodation will share no matter what. So, ask yourself, how many of these things are in the place you call home?

1. Clothes drying everywhere


Now, most student houses actually have dryers, but no one wants to waste that kind of electricity, which is why this happens. In the end, people will use anything to dry their clothes.


2. Passive aggressive notes


Living with anyone is difficult, which means that tension can build up faster than you imagine. Pretty soon, people stop communicating altogether and just start writing notes. After all, it’s the mature thing to do.


3. Discounts, offers, and coupons


Students love a good old bargain, don’t they? That means that they end up stock-piling all the discount vouchers and food menus they can find. Most student houses actually have a drawer full of the stuff.


4. A cleaning rota no one sticks to


When you share a house with people, making a cleaning rota may be the only way to keep things nice and tidy. The problem is that no one ever wants to stick to the rota, do they? Instead, they just pretend that it doesn’t exist.


4. A board with pictures of your friends


When students first come to university, they often bring loads of pictures of their mates back home. Usually, though, they lose touch with these people by the end of the first year. Awkward.


6. A (stolen) Guinness pint glass


Why bother buying glasses for your home, when you can just steal them from the pub, eh? There is always a stolen Guinness glass in every student home. FACT!


7. A pan that is seriously burnt


Most students can’t cook. It might be a bit of a stereotype, but there is definitely some truth to it as well. When it comes down to trying, many students will burn things to the bottom of the pan.


8. A university mug


Whether you got one free in freshers’ week or just bought one from the union later on, every student house has at least one of these mugs. Usually, it sits on the window-ledge and doesn’t get cleaned for the entire year!


9. An overflowing bin


Deciding who’s turn it is to take the bin out is never going to be an easy feat. People get seriously stubborn when it comes to this one, which means that the bin may never be emptied. It’s not a pretty sight.


10. Piles of washing up


Washing up is another problem in shared houses. No one wants to do it, and so no one ever does it. It is that simple. That means that most student kitchens look a little something like this!

Holly Smith Editor