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The most hilarious ways students have cheated on exams

The most hilarious ways students have cheated on exams

As it’s exam season *cries* we thought we would take you through some of the ways in which students have cheated in the past.

Warning: Do not try these (unless you want to get kicked out for your stupidity…).

Lucy, 22, graduate

In my GCSE maths exam, I thought that I would write a few equations that I kept forgetting on the back of my dark blue calculator in pencil, that way if I tilted the calculator to a certain angle, I could see the equations! It can be a little risky however, and I think they make you remove the calculator backs now anyway.

Tom, 19, student

I knew someone who placed writing on the pull out paper bit of certain pens, usually the ones they give you at careers fairs and stuff like that, I don’t think he managed to use it however, a little bit too risky!

Ellie, 18, student

Yes, I know they don’t allow anything with a memory function in exams anymore, but when I was at school, loads of people would use them to get stuff saved for the exam!

Jackie, 16, pupil

GCSE humanities exam, probably the most boring thing under the sun. I would usually write down ideas on a rubber and take that in.

Harry, 18, student

I wrote answers between the gaps in my tattoos on my arm, pretty invisible.

Zoe, 21, student

I knew someone who would write all over some fake nails before sticking them on, and referring back to them in the exam, she said it worked quite well, do not try it though!

Hannah, 23, graduate

Android smart watches, just screen shot your notes and send them to it before the exam, no idea if it would work or not, I got a smart watch the other day and cursed as to why I didn’t have one during my exams, would have been a god send.

Louise, 20, student

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve definitely seen it in films, where a full line of students all work together to write the answers on the back of each other’s necks, ludicrous, I know, but quite funny!

Mark, 19, student

I once knew someone with invisible ink! They simply wrote the answers all over their body and then did a sneaky check with a light during the exam, so so so risky!

Mike, 19, student

We once had to do a recital from memory, one of the people in my class wrote out the whole piece of his writing on a thin sliver of paper, then coiled it up inside a clear pen, as he spoke, he twirled the pen between his fingers, pure genius I tell you!

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.