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The 10 Best Things About Christmas

The 10 Best Things About Christmas

The countdown is on and with less than a day to go before big day we have a round-up of what we think are some of the best things about Christmas.

1) Shloer

Shloer is hands down one of the best things about Christmas. The sparkling juice just tastes like Christmas, making it totally acceptable to have 10 bottles in your kitchen cupboard during the holidays.

2) Driving home for Christmas

Whether you’re heading home from uni by car, train or aeroplane, you finally get the chance to have that cheesy Chris Rea song as the theme tune to your journey.

3) Getting all the family together

For many of us, Christmas is the only time of year when all of our family get together. Family you haven’t seen since you sat next to them at the dinner table last year, come home for a few weeks and you spend your evenings having family dinners and playing monopoly. And that is definitely one of the best things about Christmas.

4) All those catch-up drinks with your old pals

Is there anything better than coming back home for Christmas, heading to your local Spoons and getting drunk with your old school pals? All those pub dates and Christmas nights out in ugly Christmas jumpers definitely make our list of the best things about Christmas.

5) All the Christmas movies

Whether you’re an Elf fan or prefer a classic like Miracle on 34th Street, Christmas is the only time of year you can plonk yourself on the sofa and have a guilt-free movie marathon with a few naps throughout the day.

6) Eating good

As a poor student living off pasta and cereal, coming home to a fridge full of good food and home-cooked meals every night is a real luxury. And even better when it’s a fridge full of Christmas food.

7) Christmas dinner

The turkey, the roasties, the mash, the yorkshires, the stuffing, the pigs in blankets, the gravy and the brussel sprouts, it’s the dinner that we have been waiting for all year. Plus, how about those sandwiches with all the leftovers on Boxing Day? It doesn’t get any better than that.

8) Novelty Christmas treats

No other time of year would it be acceptable to gorge on mince pies, cheese and crackers, nuts and dried fruits and tins of Roses, Quality Streets and Heros. If you’re not using the “It’s Christmas, treat yourself” excuse then you’re not doing it right…

9) The Michael Bublé Christmas album

Because Michael Bublé and his magical voice have become the soundtrack to Christmas day in millions of households across the world.

10) Giving gifts to your loved ones

The older you get the more it becomes about giving at Christmas rather than getting. It might only be something small, we are skint students after all, but it’s the thought that counts. Seeing how much something small but meaningful can mean to your family and friends is definitely one of the best things about Christmas.

Holly Smith Editor