Home City Guides Fancy a posh dinner with the lads to celebrate finally handing in that essay?

Fancy a posh dinner with the lads to celebrate finally handing in that essay?


For the insider guide to what is going on in your city visit our city guide pages, lovingly crafted by our specialist team of student writers to bring you the inside info on the best of your University Town.

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Whether you are an anxious ‘A’ level student wondering about how to make the most of your time next September or a seasoned final year looking to make the most of your last few months of freedom, there will be something for you.

Some highlights

London for us means feeding Deer, climbing up the inside of stone Pillars, seeing Da Vinci’s and Van Goghs and discovering rainforests in the heart of the city.

The best student nightlife outside of the capital

Sheffield is the ultimate student city. A bustling, metropolitan student world, which is surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire national park and the peak district.

Never a dull day

Liverpool. Not so small that you will run out of things to do, but not so big that you will need to rely on taxis to get around, there is probably no-where else that you can experience such good music and nightlife for so little money

North of the Border

Whether you choose Glasgow , the hub of culture, music and sport, Edinburgh a city steeped in history with a modern edge. you are onto a winner. Personally we like Dundee best,  but that is just our opinion.

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