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What’s next for Game of Thrones?

What’s next for Game of Thrones?

So, Sunday rolled around and sadly, there was no Game of Thrones to grace our television screen, although at least a lot of the British population didn’t have to stay up till 2am to watch it.

With the multimillion dollar show now over for the foreseeable future, let’s look at what we know so far about the next and final season of the series.

Firstly, according to insiders, Game of Thrones season 8 may not even air until 2019! This means that the hiatus between the two series will be raised to sixteen months! This is mainly due to the actor’s heavy schedules alongside the increase in dragon scenes in the show, which require complex CGI to include.

We now also know that the episodes have been written, with the producers and screen writers set to work on the show over the next year and a half.

The next major bit of information on the show is that it will consist only of six episodes, with season seven consisting of eight and all previous series before this consisting of ten.

This major drop in numbers may be due to the episodes being feature film length, yet this is still unknown, however, with the final episode of season seven being around 80 minutes, it is expected that the following episodes of eight will also be an extended length.

In an age where television series are out reaching the likes of films, the feature length of these episodes comes as no surprise.

One positive from all of this is that after the airing of season 8 in 2019, there will multiple spin offs and adaptions of the original scripts, with at least four potential prequels planned!

With the land of Westeros so vast to begin with, the idea of multiple spin offs is a promising one, and one to definitely fill the void that will be left after the series officially ends.

Filming will reportedly start in October, with images from the set expected to emerge in the following weeks.

So, what’s next for the characters of the show?

Jon and Daenerys?

Although love did blossom for the pair in season seven, what will the outcome of all this be when they discover that they are in fact related, and that Jon is her nephew. It’s definitely going to throw a spanner in the works. Jon, with his father being the elder brother of Daenerys, now holds a stronger claim to the throne, will this matter?


Well, it’s clearly apparent that Cersei is losing the plot sitting on her throne in king’s landing, which is now covered in snow, winter is here? Is she really pregnant? What does she have up her sleeve? And how does she expect to win in the face of everyone who has turned against her?

Arya and Sansa?

After calling a truce on their sibling rivalry, Arya and Sansa are now at Winterfell, which surely will be the first place to be attacked by the Knight King, meaning they are in a heap load of danger.


Well, he’s turned his back on the psychopath that is Cersei and is heading north, hopefully to join forces with the enemy, yet how will this affect his love for Cersei?


Bran, the all seeing all knowing, if slightly dull character. Season eight will undoubtedly see his powers grow and it will be interesting to see where this will take the season.

Clegane Bowl?

The much anticipated fight will surely happen in season 8, between the mountain and his brother the hound. ‘Clegane Bowl’ as it has been dubbed, is the mostly highly anticipated aspect of the whole season.

So, with all these guesses flying around the internet, it looks like we will have to wait until 2019 to find out if any of them are true. Sorry?

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