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Top TV Shows of 2017

Top TV Shows of 2017

2017 has certainly offered up some crackin’ British entertainment, especially in the form of TV shows, a rapidly growing, respected industry.

Let’s have a look at ten of the best shows of the year, from Stranger Things through to The Great British Bake Off, because we can’t forget the bake off, can we?

Stranger Things

After an incredibly popular series 1 debut last year, Stranger Things was certainly set to receive a welcome reception this autumn, and it did not fail to deliver an intriguing, captivating and diverse story line. From a talented cast, professional cinematography and well versed script and story, the show was a success on Netflix and is available to watch now if you’ve missed all the hype.


Outlander debuted their third season this year and fans were not left disappointed. If you are looking for time travel, love stories, adventure and drama, then this TV show, produced by Starz, is the thing for you. Seriously, grab some snacks and drinks and park yourself down in front of the TV to watch all three series, you will be an emotional wreck, trust me- it’s worth it.

Game of Thrones

Who doesn’t know about Game of Thrones by now? Even if you haven’t watched it, it’s almost impossible to ignore the excitement and intrigue which centres around it each year, from whether Jon Snow is dead to why the ice king didn’t just kill the biggest dragon, the internet freaks the hell out whenever Game of Thrones stuff goes down. Game of Thrones hit our screens in the summer and certainly did not disappoint, it’s not returning til 2019 however, shame.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror came back this year with two chilling series full of dystopian plot lines, complex characters and creative settings, each episode acting as a stand alone story with a powerful story-line and a great cast. Black Mirror can be quite an experience, I would recommend one every month! The stories explored in it focus on the future and the way in which our abundant technology and information is propelling us, the idea that the scenes in the show may be possible in the future makes for a mind boggling experience!

Peaky Blinders

Ah, the workings of Tommy Shelby’s mind are certainly a good idea for a plot line, with Peaky Blinders bursting back onto our screens this winter with another astounding series. Based in 1920’s Birmingham, Peaky Blinders follows the lives of the Shelby family, a notorious gangland company dealing in betting, car trading and down right murder, crime and mystery. This year’s series is focusing on Tommy and family desperately fighting the mafia on the streets of Birmingham, definitely worth a watch.


Vikings has been gracing our screens now for around four years, yet this year’s series has definitely rocketed the show to one to watch this winter. Vikings is based off the stories of Ragnar Lothbrok and his famous sons, full of battles, murder, drama and adventure, this series has definitely been a hit in 2017 with it’s vibrant cast and devilish characters. One to watch!

The Crown

Produced by Netflix and based on the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and Duke Philip, her husband, the Crown is a serious, well structured drama, focusing more on relationships and people, rather than shock factors- it actually works to make the life of Lizzie a little bit more exciting, which is refreshing.

The Great British Bake Off (of course)

Does this show really need an explanation? Yes, I know, dropping The Great British Bake Off in the mix alongside a collection of dramas doesn’t seem that fitting, but as a classic British TV show, the Bake Off captures our hearts every summer, providing us with endless innuendos, heartwarming moments and devastating baking disasters, bake off just simply has to be in this list.


Ah, Poldark, the classic BBC period drama, whether it’s a heart throb hunk you are looking for in Aiden Turner (Poldark), a troubled, star crossed lover’s story, a woeful forgotten wife, an evil masterminded gentlemen or a suspicious collection of villagers, Poldark offers up all the nostalgia and drama from a period piece, with series three gracing our screens in the summer and season four set to return in the new year.


Hit BBC One drama Luther follows the story of a very troubled yet arguably rather brilliant detective inspector, DCI John Luther, and his various cases whilst working in London. The plot is a fast paced mystery and graced our screens this year with a brand new series, definitely worth a watch if you love crime and mystery dramas.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Set in the dystopion future, where fertile women are captured and made to breed for the wealthy and notable, the Handmaid’s Tale focuses it’s sights on Offred, a captured handmaid, and her story. Torn away from her child and partner, she is forced into a service for a wealthy family, subjected to acts of rape, abuse and violence, the story focuses on her struggle to free herself from the regime which is built up around her. The Handmaid’s Tale is available on Hulu streaming site, yet is now also available on DVD.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.