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The Great British Bake off Quarter Final is Next Week!

The Great British Bake off Quarter Final is Next Week!

Everybody just take a deep breath and try to calm down, because it’s Bake Off quarter final next Tuesday and things are definitely getting hot around the collar for the bakers.

Let’s have a look at Tuesday’s episode, before we lose ourselves over next week, and try to break down exactly what happened, who suffered, who triumphed and who effectively beat everyone to get star baker.

The theme this episode was Italian week. Yes, a whole weekend based off the perfectly put together Italians with their unquestionable skill at baking, from pastries through to pizzas, and probably looking all effortlessly cool, flawless and Italian as they do it.

The first task was cannoli, which are basically deep fried sweet pastry filled with a ricotta based filling. There were a wide variety of flavours, with Liam opting for hazelnut chocolate whilst Stephen triumphed with his lemon flavouring and Kate displayed her apparent extensive knowledge of Italian liquors, from Campari through to limoncella, which she piped into the sweet cylinders.

Sophie caused controversy in opting to use mascarpone in her cannoli instead of ricotta, which received a steely look from Paul, yet proved her critics wrong as Prue decided that they were still delicious, claiming that she had been ‘converted’.

It seems that even the weather was keeping to theme, as it apparently hit around 40 degrees C in the tent, meaning that the bakers were getting flustered very easily.

‘You can either get a friendly hello or a frying pain in the face’ presenter Noel commented when mentioning Stacey’s unpredictable nature, probably made worse by the weather.

The technical was pizza, seems easy enough right? The task was announced by Paul, Prue, Sandi and Noel who were seen to stroll into the tent, removing their sunglasses before announcing the task- how very Italian.

‘I don’t actually know what pizza is’ the joker of the group Liam mumbled, whilst Kate struggled to actually get her pizza into the oven, causing it to fold up like a book. We asked for pizza Kate, not calzone.

‘All of them are edible’, according to Paul, not really a compliment is it?

Sandi and Noel were full of the puns this week again, with Noel posing as the leaning tower of pizza, falling over once Sandi walked off, whilst the starting scene of them in a gondola caused some giggles.

Liam has now become the master of presentation, presenting his sfogliatelle, which are associated with looking like lobster tails, on a glass box filled with ice, and scattering them with lemon and parsley.

Paul actually seemed quite happy, making jokes with Noel and Sandi whilst also being very impressed with the majority of bakes on offer.

The show stopper this week was by far the most technical pastry challenge seen on Bake Off, consisting of sfogliatelle, laminated pastry parcels filled with sweet or savoury fillings.

Yan suffered considerably, whilst Stacy ended up just dumping hers onto a plate with little regard to presentation and Sophie sheepishly presented hers to the judges.

Others, however, flourished.

Stephen’s sfogliatelle were flawless, earning him star baker once more, a welcome surprise as he has been struggling in previous weeks, Liam wowed with his presentation and Sophie’s meticulous army training certainly helped in keeping her calm and collected, getting her sfogliatelle out on time, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

At the end of all things, someone had to go, and Yan was the baker who faced leaving the tent, causing even Noel to shed a tear, clearly he is loving his time in bake off as much as everyone else.

Next week is the quarter final, when will the excitement end?

Bake off quarter final is on at 8pm, next Tuesday, Channel 4.

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