Home Entertainment Some interesting stuff to watch now that you’ve stopped going out

Some interesting stuff to watch now that you’ve stopped going out

Some interesting stuff to watch now that you’ve stopped going out

Doing dry January? Feeling a little poorly? Or do you just not really fancy going out?

Then why not give these shows a go?

Deutschland ’83, Channel 4

This is available on All 4, it came out a few years back under the title of Walter Presents. Basically, some one called Walter has grabbed a load of brilliant drama from around the world and put into Channel 4 for your unlimited viewing pleasure. If you don’t really mind subtitles, then this is for you! Set in Berlin 1983, the drama tells the story of a naive border control officer, Martin Rauch, who is swept from his relatively normal life in East Berlin to be a spy in the West. Through hiding in plain sight as Moritz Stamm, he must collect important NATO information to report back. On his way he encounters huge secrets, balancing father figures, love interests and also the constant apparent conflict between east and west Berlin. Set alongside the back drop of a nuclear war threat, this drama makes for a fantastic and tense watch! The music is all eighties too, nice.

Mc. Mafia, BBC 1
This is a brand new BBC drama following the life of London banker Alex, and his extensive Russian family. After Alex’s family fled to London when he was young, he has made a name for himself in the city and feels relatively comfortable with a good job and a soon to be fiance. Yet, the pressures of the Russian organisation, which threw Alex and family out of Russia in the first place, one again come back onto the scene and after a shocking death in the family, Alex is thrown into a mafia world in which he knows very little about at all. Mc Mafia brings all the aspects of a thrilling spy drama to life, alongside Alex’s naive and rather intimidated take on it all.

Heartless, Channel 4


Shown once again under the title of Walter Presents, Heartless tells the story of twins Sofie and Sebastian, orphans with a curse, they are forever doomed the suck the life out of people to survive. In a bid to find out how they can rid themselves of this curse, they enroll in the boarding school that their mother attended, in order to find out where it all began. Heartless is a Danish drama so once again you’ve got to be okay with subtitles, however the story is so gripping that I didn’t really notice I was reading them! This show has everything, drama, murder, betrayal and lots of spooky supernatural aspects too! Definitely worth a watch, it’s very easy to watch the whole series in a day.

The End of the F**king World, E4


This is very very very weird, but in a good way? The End of the F**king World tells the tale of James, who is pretty sure he is a psychopath, and Alyssa, who is probably a megalomaniac, according to James. Both feel that their lives are pretty awful neither want to go home, and drawn to each other’s seeming individuality and strangeness, they decide to run away together. However, there’s a catch, James really really wants to kill Alyssa, he is a psychopath after all. This is sort of charming in it’s own really strange way, it’s also funny and the episodes are nice and short and snappy.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.