Home Entertainment Joe Lycett tells us about life on tour and the power of puns

Joe Lycett tells us about life on tour and the power of puns

Joe Lycett tells us about life on tour and the power of puns

Alumni of Manchester University and full-time sass machine, Joe Lycett returns for another sell-out tour across the UK- and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. We spoke to the King of filing complaints to suss out exactly what we can expect from this promising and punnily-titled show on the road.

This is your biggest tour to date- are you excited? Intimidated? A combo of the two?

“I certainly have some big nights planned on this tour. I said to Sarah Millican that I felt I had to write a show that was big enough for those venues and, in her infinite wisdom, she said ‘no, the show should be good enough for 100 people’. So, it’s intimidating in terms of the scale of it and the sense that there’ll be a lot of eyes on me, but I always try and do the best possible show I can. There’s no point otherwise.”


Have you always aimed to keep performing to larger audiences?

“The beauty of stand-up is that generally it does scale up and it’s about your ability to connect with an audience. I think arenas might be too big for the type of shows I want to do, but the theatres are great. I’ll be using PowerPoint again which gives the crowd something to focus on and that can scale up as big as you like.”


How did you go about choosing a name for the tour?

“You can’t go too far wrong with the Pointer Sisters. James Acaster suggested that I went the whole hog and went for I’m So Joe Lycett, And I Just Joe Lycett, I’m About To Lose Control And I Think Joe Lycett. There was another long one that was a strong contender but then I listened to the Pointer Sisters song and thought ‘can I walk on feeling confident to this music?’ And yes I probably can, so let’s name the whole tour after that.”


Are you running out of ‘I like it/Joe Lycett puns?’

“Any time I meet a musician I request that they write a song with ‘I Like It’ in the title. The thing I love about all this is that there are now proper discussions about the title. I’ll be sitting down with my agent who also represents Frankie Boyle and Jimmy Carr, and the main question is: ‘which Lycett-based pun shall we go for this time?’”


Does your new show have a theme?

“I’m not that sort of writer where I can restrict myself to a theme just in case nothing good comes of it. I prefer to get annoyed about stuff and then maybe you can spot loose themes that you can tie together. This one won’t necessarily be about losing control. Or if it is, it’ll be by pure chance.”


You’ve been very open about your feelings towards a certain man in the White House- will your new tour include elements of this?

“I have been writing about him and trolling him a little bit, but haven’t we all: it’s like shouting into the void. I haven’t really done much political stuff in my stand-up but I feel that at this point, as many of us as possible have to say ‘we’re not cool with this’. Even if he’s impeached and leaves, he’s opened so many doors that we’ll never be able to close on how we expect politicians to behave; people saying appalling things might not seem that appalling because it’s already normalised.”


Does living in a time of such political chaos help to inspire your material?
“It’s a good time to be an artist because there’s lots to talk about, so weirdly all that stuff helps. Unless things go to a complete state of emergency there’s always scope for people to hear someone talk about the state of things in an intelligent way. Actually, I don’t know whether I’m the person to do that. I can sit here and talk about it at length, but to actually construct a thing that can change people’s minds is quite another thing.”


How do you choose what material to include in your shows?

“You should trust that if you find something funny then other people will. The whole thing about building up an audience is about taking people with you who will be on the same page, but some things that I think are hilarious might die a death so you then try to reconstruct it. There’s one routine in the new show that I really care about and really want to work, but it’s not quite there yet in terms of working for an audience, but I believe in that routine so I will work on it to make it work. And there are others that I like but don’t quite believe in enough to fight for. You have to pick your battles in writing stand-up comedy: do you want to make that point or not? And if you do then you always find a way of doing it.”

Current tour listings:

February 2018

Tues      13           Bristol – Old Vic *SOLD OUT*

Weds    14           Bristol – Old Vic *SOLD OUT*

Fri           16           Bath – Komedia * SOLD OUT*

Tues      20           Taunton – The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre *SOLD OUT*

Weds    21          Cardiff – The Glee Club

Thurs     22           Cardiff – The Glee Club *SOLD OUT*

Fri           23           Cardiff – The Glee Club *SOLD OUT*

Sun        25           Leeds – City Varieties

Mon      26           Leeds – City Varieties

Weds    28           Norwich – Playhouse *SOLD OUT*


March 2018

Thurs     1              Norwich – Playhouse *SOLD OUT*

Sun        4              Exeter – Corn Exchange

Thurs     8              Peterborough Key Theatre

Fri           9              Peterborough Key Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sat          10           Worthing – Connaught Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sun        11           Southampton – Nuffield Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Fri           23           Liverpool – Epstein Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sat          24           Liverpool – Epstein Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sun        25           Canterbury – The Gulbenkian *SOLD OUT*

Tues      27          Sheffield – Memorial Hall *SOLD OUT*

Weds    28           Sheffield – Memorial Hall *SOLD OUT*

Thurs     29           Harrogate – Theatre

Sat          31           Northampton – Derngate Theatre *TRANSFERRED TO BIGGER VENUE*


April 2018

Sun        1              Durham – Gala Theatre * SOLD OUT*

Thurs     5              Stafford – Gatehouse Theatre

Fri           6              Swindon – Wyvern Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sat          7              Ipswich – Corn Exchange *SOLD OUT*

Sun        8              Southend – Palace Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Thurs     12           Stockton – ARC *SOLD OUT*

Fri           13           Crewe – Lyceum Theatre

Sat          14           Aldershot – Princes Hall *SOLD OUT*

Weds    18           Chesterfield – Pomegranate Theatre

Fri           20           King’s Lynn – Corn Exchange

Weds    25           Nottingham – Playhouse *SOLD OUT*

Fri           27           Crawley – The Hawth Theatre



May 2018

Weds    2              Buxton – Opera House – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     10           Birmingham – New Alexandra Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Fri           11           Birmingham – New Alexandra Theatre *SOLD OUT*

Sat          12           Lincoln – The Engine Shed *SOLD OUT*

Sun        13           York – Grand Opera House

Thurs     24           Dublin – Vicar Street

Fri           25           Newcastle – Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Sat          26           Oxford – New Theatre

Sun        27           Cambridge – Corn Exchange



June 2018

Fri           1              Wrexham – William Aston Hall

Sat          2              Manchester – Palace Theatre

Sun        3              Bedford – Corn Exchange

Weds    6              Manchester – Palace Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     7              Salisbury – City Hall

Fri           8              London – Eventim Apollo – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Sat          9              London – Eventim Apollo

Tues      12           Glasgow – O2 Academy – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Weds    13           Perth – Concert Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     14           Belfast – Mandela Hall


July 2018

Tues      17           Swansea – Grand Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Weds    18           St Albans – Alban Arena – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     19           St Albans – Alban Arena

Fri           27           Carmarthen – Lyric Theatre

Sat          28           Leamington Spa – Royal Spa Centre


September 2018

Sun        2              Cheltenham – Town Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Weds    5              Hull – City Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     6              Stoke-on-Trent – Victoria Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Fri           7              Dudley – Town Hall

Thurs     13           Arbroath – Webster Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Sat          15           Aberdeen – Tivoli Theatre

Mon      17           Inverness – Eden Court – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     20           Folkestone – Leas Cliff Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Fri           21           Gravesend – The Woodville

Sun        23           Torquay – Princess Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Thurs     27           Shrewsbury – Theatre Severn

Fri           28           Southport – Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Sat          29           Middlesbrough – Town Hall – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!


October 2018

Thurs     4              Bournemouth – Pavilion Theatre – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!

Fri           5              Brighton – Dome – EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!


I’m About To Lose Control And I Think Joe Lycett is on sale now – visit www.joelycettcomedy.co.uk