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Bake Off Quarter Final: How it all went down

Bake Off Quarter Final: How it all went down

Clanger dropping and hot flying nuts

It was all go in the tent on Tuesday night as the remaining contestants battled it out in the quarter final, fittingly named ‘Forgotten Bakes’, with dishes such as clangers, rum nickys and Savoy cakes, the week offered up a lot of technical and challenging recipes.

The first challenge was for the bakers to create a batch of clangers, the farmer’s equivalent to the Cornish pasty. Clangers are a pastry containing a main course and desert, separated in the middle by a wall of pastry.

The bakers came up with a variety of different flavours, Liam made his clangers pizza flavoured, adding dips on the side which positively confused Prue and Paul, the older generation, who adamantly refused you could eat pizza and dips.

Stacey made a caramelised red onion and camembert clanger with a blueberry desert and ended up getting a Paul handshake for it, whilst Kate literally dropped one of her clangers on the floor, before sliding it back onto the plate for Paul and Prue, nice.

The next challenge, Rum Nickys, of course.

From what was vaguely explained, the viewers gained the idea that a rum Nicky is a sweet tart filled with rum soaked fruit with a lattice top, a bake that not one single baker was familiar with. Same here guys.

The judges also made things hard for the bakers, there were no measuring jugs and simply a wooden spoon and a bowl provided for the rum butter, which had the bakers lying on the floor exhausted after beating it into soft peaks by hand.

Stephen took the hot spot here, managing to make a good rum Nicky, well, according to the only man who knows what one is, Paul.

As the showstopper rolled around, it was obvious who were in the danger zone; Liam and Kate, who were both determined to succeed in the final bake; a Victorian savoy cake.

This fatless cake, consisting of a light sponge traditionally only flavoured with lemon, typically dull and Victorian, is usually baked in an elaborate mould, placed on a cake plinth and sports a sugar coating. Not hard then, surely…

The bakers set about gently folding together their ingredients after a lot of egg whipping, with Kate getting through 60 of them, before placing them into the elaborate moulds, Stephen made a fair few profiteroles whilst Stacey made macrons and little jellies.

In a sugar fuelled rush of strength, Stacey actually managed to pull the door completely off her oven, a ‘bake off first’ according to Sandi.

After holding the door on for the remainder of her bake, Stacey then rushed to a spare oven to bake the remainder of her macarons.

Liam did manage to successfully get his bake out of the tin, giving the camera a quick dance in celebration, but the whole nation gasped in panic as his spun sugar began to melt and his cake went wonky.

Sophie finished her cake right down to the wire, adorning the top with a ‘chocolate flower’ which looked very alien VS predator if you ask me, whilst Kate recreated the Liverpool Liver Building, her liver bird having to be remade after he broke into pieces the first time.

As the results were in, it felt as if we already knew the answer, last in the technical and after offering up a melted, crooked savoy cake, the tent said goodbye to Liam who was comforted by a crying Sandi.

Stacey got star baker, whilst also becoming the first baker to achieve this after wrenching her oven door clean off.

Stay tuned for the semi-final next week.

Bake Off is on every Tuesday at 8pm, Channel 4.

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