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Bake off is back! ★★★★

Bake off is back! ★★★★

After a year-long wait, The Great British Bake Off is finally back on our screens, yet what has changed about it, and why does it captivate the public eye for twelve whole weeks?

Last year, scandal came to the BBC as production company ‘Happy Cow’, producers of The Great British Bake Off, were seen to accept an offer from rival TV station, Channel 4.

Before anyone knew what was really happening, Channel 4 had swiped the show from the BBC, beloved Mary Berry had left along with Mel and Sue- leaving Paul Hollywood to pick up the pieces.

Fast forward a year to last night- when the newly invented show was aired, and let’s take a look at how it all went down.

Overall, Channel 4 have argued that the views they received were positive, claiming that it would only take 3 million views to break even, and the show brought in over 5 million, 6.5 million when you count views on plus one and views through online catch up services.

The judges seem to have been well received also, with Prue Leith being brought in to replace Mary Berry, whilst comedians Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig have taken up the role as presenters.

Channel 4 claim to have won over the support of critics, yet, as the BBC have commented on this week, it’s the viewers that the production company need to convince.

However, it seems that the love for Bake Off is enduring, with many viewers sticking with the show, with the only grievances being the adverts, as the previous BBC version had none.

Tweets of course came pouring in, with support for Sandi, many saying she brought a lot of character to the show, whilst tweets also surfaced commenting on the idea that actor and comedian Noel Fielding is going to save the whole series.

Mixed reviews for the adverts, with some commenting that they were far too intrusive, whilst others were happy for the time to debrief and make a cup of tea- how very British!

Previous host Sue also tweeted that Channel 4 have done themselves proud by sticking to the same format of the previous version, a technique that seems to have worked in Channel 4’s favour, as many viewers liked the series as much as the old one it seems.

There was also the evidence that considerable thought had gone into the selection of bakers this year, as for the first week of baking, the show stoppers were breath taking! From Flo’s luminous red watermelon cake to a cake resembling a champagne bottle with sugar cubes for ice, the food on display was brilliant.

As always, however, reviews were mixed.

Many believe the show is just as good, commenting on the brilliant episode and skill of Channel 4 to adapt it to their liking- yet, some were not too pleased, stating that the show has been ruined.

Critics were won over still! The Telegraph have hailed the show’s recipe for success ‘as winning as ever’, whilst the Radio Times have commented ‘it’s a bit rough around the edges, a little burnt on the outside. But it’s still our bake off’.

There you have it, it’s still our bake off. No matter the issues behind the switching of the show, Britain seem to share an extremely strong affiliation with this show that can stand the test of time and changing of production company.

The Great British Bake Off is on every Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.