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What’s on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

What’s on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Let’s have a look at what streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime are offering up this autumn…

Amazon Prime


Time travel, battles and muscly men in kilts! Outlander tells the tale of army nurse Claire Randall, who, on a honey moon with her husband in 1945, falls through magical standing stones to 1743, in the highlands of Scotland. Although attempts are made to return to her husband, circumstances lead to danger, intrigue and Claire’s relations with highlander James Fraser. The story so far spans eight books, with three of these already made into a TV series on Amazon Prime, the story is sophisticated, complex, exciting and really fascinating with time travel in the midst! There’s new characters, every week, it’s definitely worth the watch!


Based on a cult comic book franchise, Preacher tells the story of Jesse, a small town preacher who realises that God has left, left heaven, left everything he once thought God existed within, and he decides to track him down, assisted, (of course) by his ex-girlfriend who just happens to be a vampire over 100 years of age. Jesse meets plenty of interesting people along the way, from a mass murderer by the name Saint of Killers, through to a lone gun man, whose only purpose in life is to actually hunt down and kill Jesse.

Mr Robot

Mr Robot is about a guy called Elliot, a cyber city engineer and highly skilled hacker, he also however suffers from extreme social anxiety and depression. He is hired by Mr Robot, who look for skilled hackers in working for their anarchist organisation; ‘fsociety’.

Ripper Street

You’ve got an alcoholic straight talking medical genius and two inspectors dealing with internal conflicts, from one losing his daughter to the other his wife, this series tells the story of H division, based in the toughest area of Victorian London for crime rates; Whitechapel. There’s a lot of murder, plenty of intrigue and in some places; humour. The story is rather gripping, with the original series airing on BBC 1, only to be cancelled and picked up by Amazon, who have made it into the most popular period drama to date, with BBC buying it back off of them last year for a considerable price- whoops!


Another period drama, Vikings tell the mythical tale of Ragnar Lothbrook and his family, living in Viking Scandinavia. The drama focuses on Ragnar’s decision to sale west to hopefully discover England and the subsequent adventures that come from this. There’s a lot of blood and gore, as well as murder and cheating. This series is great for viewers who like constant suspense and action, as there is definitely a fight scene or a battle in every episode!

Next up, Netflix

House of Cards

House of Cards tells the story of power hungry US congressman Frank Underwood, and his journey with his wife to seek revenge on the people who have wronged him before, climbing his way up the political power ladder through any means possible, from lies and deceit through to violence. The story line is incredibly complex and sophisticated, with incredible actors.


Narcos is based on the true story of the cocaine trade in Columbia in the late 1980s. It focuses on the main and most notorious gangs of the decade, from Pablo Escabar’s gang through to the Cali Cartel. It has been dubbed as a raw and gritty drama, with plenty of violence, suspense and gore, alongside the fact that the tale is based off true stories and first hand accounts. The drama explores how the Columbian drug trade took over the lives of people from all walks of society, from police, civilians and the military.

Stranger Things

This Netflix original is based in 1980’s small town Indiana and focuses on Joyce Byers, who launches a slightly terrifying investigation after her son Will goes missing. Set in a period where science fiction fascinated the masses, the story unravels a dark secret of government experimentation, a very strange young girl and some supernatural forces of nature.

The Crown

Based of the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Duke Philip, the Crown chronicles the early teenage life of Elizabeth, to her coronation, her experiences in her 20’s, her marriage, the births of her children and various other plotlines. The second series, due to premiere this month, focuses on Philip’s experiences being married to the Queen of England.

Black Mirror

Critically acclaimed dystopian drama Black Mirror has won its fair share of awards, mostly due to its ability to terrify, shock, confuse and fascinate its viewers. Each episode is a stand alone, meaning that you can pick and chose which one you want to watch. Each episode has a complex and original story, usually wrote by a different writer each week, and each episode focuses on a very real issue. From questioning what happens to us after death to looking into how social media will inevitably be our only source of happiness in life.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.