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Your guide to enjoying October, relatively free of charge

Your guide to enjoying October, relatively free of charge

Make this month free of charge with these brilliant deals, discounts and trip ideas.

Some nice discounts

20% off Pretty Little Thing and Misguided

This October check out Pretty Little Thing and Misguided, they are offering a 20% discount on all items, but are usually pretty full of discounts all year round! From free delivery on certain days through to huge reductions, for all your night out partying outfit needs.

Pure gym- 20% off for students and £0 joining fee

If you are looking to lose those Fresher’s week pounds, then pure gym are the place for you. They are offering a 20% offer for students as well as no joining fee! That’s big! Usually joining fees range from £10-15 which can feel like a considerable set back at times. Gym shark also have a 10% student discount rolling this October, so you can stock up on all the best gear for your fitness fuelled October! I know, I’m being very optimistic…

Remember those free trials! From Amazon prime student trial through to Spotify, keep on top of getting them all! And remember, they’re free, so go for it.

Some free days out

Days out can be an appealing yet daunting thing as a student, as many involve you parting from quite a lot of your cash. Never fear however, if you are looking to have a few days out this month, from autumn strolls through to art galleries, then here are four main cities and the free activities that they are offering this October.

Manchester, from stately homes, city parks and galleries

Ordsall Hall


Orsdall Hall is an early modern stately home situated in Manchester, Salford. It is completely free of charge to look round both the house and the gardens, as well as enjoying the various activities on offer there. Orsdall Hall is dated as one of the most haunted houses in Europe and is rigged up with ghosts cams that you can watch online. It is therefore hosting some pretty freaky Halloween events that you need to check out if you are in Manchester this October!

Manchester Gallery

Manchester Gallery is completely free of charge and having endless exciting exhibitions each week, situated in the heart of central Manchester, it really is a good day out for everyone. They also run free guided tours throughout the week for you to learn about the pieces of art on display.

Heaton Park

Although being host to Park life Festival two days out the year, for the remaining days, Heaton Park boasts itself as the largest park in the Northwest and is open from 8 am til dusk. It consists of a round 600 acres of land encompassing stately home Heaton Hall. There is plenty of see and do, from just having a frosty stroll around the park, through to visiting the animal center or beekeeping parks, to strolling round the botanical garden center. Heaton Park usually hosts large charity dog walks each month.

London, sea life and modern art 

Sea Life

This one isn’t quite free, but this October the Sea Life centre in London are offering a 42% student discount on all bookings, meaning that you can go for pennies.

The Tate Modern

Although some exhibitions need to be paid for, the majority of places in the Tate are free of charge and it does make a great day out with friends, family or your partner. They usually rotate their main exhibit as well to keep things exciting.

Edinburgh, brisk climbs, botanical gardens and medieval streets

Calton Hill

A great day out in Edinburgh is a walk (free of charge of course) to the top of Calton Hill for extensive views all across Edinburgh.

National Gallery of Modern Art
The National Gallery is situated in acres of land and beautiful gardens, meaning that after you are done looking around the gallery for free, you can take a frosty walk in the gardens.

The Royal Botanical Gardens
Host to thousands of rare plants and flowers, the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens were originally created as a learning space for students but soon grew in popularity and size. You can now stroll around for free, with some plants dating back to the dinosaur age.

Birmingham, BBC studios, library exhibitions and town parks

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Take a stroll around the Museum and Art Gallery for free, there are guided tours on Sunday, separate exhibitions each day and a Halloween themed exhibition called ‘Gruesome Object Handling‘, spooky!

The Mailbox

The Mailbox is situated in Birmingham city centre and hosts shops, bars and restaurants. It is also home to the BBC studios which you can book a free tour around, to see where up and coming shows are made. There are also spas for some pampering, hotels for a weekend stay, a cinema and a few clubs! You will never want to leave.

Some nice deals, from two for one coffee to a free bottle of coke

02 Priority

If you are on o2, then get yourself the priority app!
Each day you get five new deals, from mains for only a fiver at Pizza Express through to buy on get one free coffees at Café Nero.

Free Coke

Look out for the coke people! In all major cities this October they are giving out free cans of coke as well as a voucher meaning that you can pick up a free bottle of Coke Zero any time before December 31st.

Fancy a meal out? Don’t go without finding these deals!

Voucher Codes

If you are looking into going for a meal out with friends, family or your partner, then don’t go without checking out voucher codes. It’s free to make an account and they are offering some great deals this month! From 40% off mains at Zizzi through to 30% off your Bella Italia order.


They are offering this October a free mini fillet burger of a free Krushem when you spend £3, you just have to flash your student card.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.