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Try these homemade beauty treatments for summer

Try these homemade beauty treatments for summer

Homemade body scrub

Summer is the ultimate time to show some skin, but confidence may be lacking if you’ve been wrapped up revising and taking exams for the past year.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend lots of money on getting a spa standard body scrub- just try these simple recipes for smooth, radiant skin.

Take a handful of almonds, orange peel and one cup of olive oil and blend- it will smell fantastic! Smooth all over your body and rub before rinsing off with water, you’ll probably have to use soap to rinse the scrub off due to the use of the olive oil.

Exfoliating skin can help to keep your skin looking super radiant during the summer months and especially on your holiday.

Homemade scalp scrub

With all the sun and salt water, your scalp can really suffer during the holidays meaning that dandruff and peeling sun burn can be a real issue.

Don’t worry, all you have to is mix together brown sugar and olive oil before gently massaging it into your scalp to remove any excess skin. Treat your hair with a shampoo afterwards and leave in some conditioner to help to soothe everything and you won’t be bothered by dandruff for the rest of your holidays.

Face moisturiser

Constant sun exposure and abrasive salt water can really affect your face. A great way to treat this damage is to make a homemade face moisturiser.

Take one cup of plain yoghurt, Greek tends to work best- one tablespoon of orange juice and one of lemon. Mix well and apply to your face for two minutes before rinsing off, for best results during your holiday it’s ideal to do this every day for one week.

The citrus fruit are great at brightening and tightening worn out skin, whilst the cold yoghurt works to soothe your burnt skin.

DIY after sun

Sunburn can be a real pain, literally, but sometimes pots of aloe vera and after sun lotions can add up in price rather quickly. Get around this added expense by making your own at home to make sure that any sunburn is soothed and moisturised.

If your sun burn is really stinging then a great idea is to get a hold of some apple cider vinegar and place it in the fridge. Spray on your sunburn when it’s nice and cold to stop any burning right away.

You could also apply cold plain yoghurt to the burn or if you do have any fresh aloe vera, simply cut a leaf in half and cover the burn in it.

Foot Spa at Home

Whilst being at the beach can be a great exfoliator for your skin, as the sand can work wonders, stepping onto hot surfaces and along pavements in flip flops can give you hard skin and can also irritate the skin on your feet.

The best remedy for this is to have a home foot spa to save spending a great deal at the salon.

Start by soaking your feet in a warm water before giving them a good scrub with the home made body scrub-remember that it keeps in the fridge for four days! Then cover your feet in moisturiser.

You can rustle up an intense foot moisturiser naturally at home by mixing together sold coconut oil, shea butter and any kind of essential oil of your choice. Slather your feet in it before putting on some socks and heading to bed! You’ll wake up with some lovely soft feet.

DIY Face masks

As previously mentioned, your face is exposed to a great deal sun exposure meaning that it needs extensive soothing to help the affected area.

A great face mask for sun exposure is a strawberry and honey face mask.

Simply mash up four strawberries and one teaspoon of honey and apply to your face every day for a week.

The honey is a great antiseptic and will work wonders to soothe your face, whilst the vitamin C in the strawberries will help to wake up your tired and sun exposed face.

Elizabeth Whittingham Elizabeth is a history graduate currently working in content and communications.