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The Best Money Making Apps

The Best Money Making Apps

Job Spotter

Job Spotter essentially pays you to take pictures of job adverts and post them onto the site for others to see.

Your photo will be ranked on its uniqueness by a specific algorithm, you will then be paid accordingly.

Job Spotter is really simple to use and you may be pleasantly surprised by the number of adverts you actually end up spotting!

It’s quick, easy and accessible, you can also run the app on the go meaning that you can earn as you travel.

To find out more visit the site here.


Toluna is an app which allows you to take surveys for money.

Simply download the app and make your way through as many surveys as possible, you will get points for every survey answered which can then be translated into money, vouchers and prize drawers.

It can be hard to complete the surveys as many reject you if you do not fit their criteria, you are often not rewarded in cash too, only gift vouchers.

Despite this, Toluna is by far the best app to make money from as it’s simple and really accessible.

There are plenty of survey sites out there for you to explore!

Check out the site here for more information.

Field Agent

Field Agent involves you being paid to head into shops to review items and take pictures.

You will be given your destination before heading to the store. Each task takes around ten minutes and you will be required to make a short write up afterward. Some tasks pay around £5 but others pay much more.

Field Agent is great because you can get paid whilst actively helping and advising companies on how to give their customers the best service as your feedback is usually taken into account.

For more information visit the site here.


It’s pretty hard to get onto the Roamler app. It either depends on how many people there are in your local area or if you get invited by a friend.

Although it can be tricky to access Roamler, it’s definitely worth it in the end! It’s also reassuring to know that the application process is tricky as this probably means that Roamler pays good money for the tasks that they set.

Basically, you can get paid by completing specific tasks in your area, which come through on the app one after the other.

Jobs pay on average £2, but you can get through quite a lot in an hour so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Check out the Roamler site here for more information.


Spare5 is also a great site to check out to earn a bit of extra cash!

All you will need is a smartphone and a PayPal account!

You complete tasks each week which average out to be worth one dollar each.

These tasks can range from checking volumes of work for spelling mistakes or touching up images and pictures.

Although the site does deal in dollars, as soon as you earn the equivalent of over one pound, the site will convert your money into pounds and pay the amount into a paypal account each week, brilliant!

There are plenty of tasking apps available meaning that you are can be sure to find one that suits your interests!

Check out the site here for all the terms and conditions.

Checkout Smart

Checkout Smart is the perfect app for earning cash back on your weekly food shop!

Simply upload images of a receipt of an item on offer to be able to gain cash back on the product. You can sometimes reclaim 100 percent of your cash! Checkout Smart is not just for supermarkets, you can use it at Superdrug and Boots as well!

You know the drill, click here for more information.


Every single day, Raffler app give away £1000! All you need to do to enter is to download the app, watch the two adverts and sit back and wait to see if you’ve won!

Granted, this one is quite clearly unpredictable, but if there is a competition available, with £1000 in prize money and free entry, why not?

More information can be found here.


If exercising really is a task that takes up all of your physical and mental determination, then Bounts is the app for you!

You can now earn money by exercising, meaning that exercising won’t feel like a chore any longer!

You can pick up points for the steps you take every day, all you have to do is to link it to a Fitbit tracker to exchange your steps for vouchers and prizes!

Bounts doesn’t provide money, yet the nature of the app means that you don’t really realise that you are earning your points, meaning that a voucher in your account at the end of the day is a welcome surprise.

Link for more information here.

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